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About dropping weapon and picking same new one!

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    Originally posted by Boksha View Post
    Actually the ammo placement on Rankin is pretty clever. You have to make a decision there whether to get into a possibly dangerous dead end or leave the ammo where it is.
    Infact, most placements in rankin are clever. For instance the DD and SS are in places which are uncampable (if thats even a word). Like if you stay by the SS and DD for too long you will surely get spammed in the little SS corridor by flak/rockets. And the Amp is very vunerable to arial attack by LG and Flak from one side/ Shock from the other... This is what encouraged me to time Amps and SS.


      Just to be clear, when I said the ammo placement in Rankin was clever, I only referred to the rocketlauncher ammo.
      The placement of the powerups is pretty good yeah.