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    Originally posted by UT3sysop View Post
    Your Kidding Right? Bombing Run Sucked hehehe
    The people who say that have generally only ever played with bots offline, or didn't play online for long enough to learn or understand the game.


      Originally posted by oceaN[nova] View Post
      Nope. The good old GibGames servers were by far the most popular in UT2003 BR. And its far more satisfying running your way through the enemy courtyard outdodging all your opponents, than just throwing the ball and translocating your way to it.

      I agree the TL is the reason i quit playing BR no TL and it should be great with the new gameplay..


        dodge-jumping and our BR mod

        Originally posted by Mrunderwonder View Post
        As someone who has played UT since the original...I can say LGIG 135/35 BR is the only gametype that has ever matched the fast-paced adrenaline rush game I had missed since the LGIG DM days of UT99. I can tell you that the learning curve was very sharp but I have seen more amazing things playing LGIG BR than any other FPS gametype. Period! It takes way more skill to run the ball in BR effectively than any other gametype. You have no weapon to defend yourself only your teamates to rely on.

        To me though if you are bringing back BR you have to bring back the dodge-jump also.
        I don't want to volunteer warhead for any more coding at the moment, but he wrote a mutator for our ut2004 bonus pack that replaces the ut2003 style mutator that shipped with the game. everyone who has tried it has said that when using it, 2004 played exactly like 2003. I'm sure after the mod is released that the same can be applied to ut3. so your wishes just might come true!