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Background Loading for SP Campaign?

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    Background Loading for SP Campaign?

    Has there been any word regarding background loading for the single player campaign? Those who have played Gears know that the next section of the game is always loading in the background or during cut-scenes which is why there aren't any real load-points. The only time you see a loadpoint is if you blow through an area faster than the next area is loaded up. (this happens usually right before the stranded's "town.")

    I wonder if the SP campaign is still going to be "stage based" like UT traditionally is (just with more depth as they've pointed out), or if it'll be continuous. I don't think we can expect the DEPTH of GoW here, but I'm just wondering how it will all fit together.

    Not sure about loading in the background, but maybe this will help for your other question. This is from back in February.
    New UT3 Singleplayer Info (Jeff Morris interview)
    GS: Jeff, why does a multiplayer-shooter like UT suddenly recieve a singleplayer campaign?
    JM: More then half of all the people who bought UT 2004 have never played online. Honestly: We believe the SP part wasn't good enough for that. So we improve it in UT3.

    GS: How?
    JM: We tell a plot, a revenge-story. You play on the side of the Axon, mega-corporations who rule the universe. You'll enter into different alliances during the campaign and the story branches off according to your decisions.

    GS: One fights against the Necris?
    JM: Not from the beginning on but somewhere around the middle of the campaign. The corporations are competing for new colonies. Doing so, they clash with the Necris who start to attack corporate domains. The maps reflect that: In the territories that belong to the Necris the nature is destroyed, the buildings are covered with strange Necris stuff and you see these huge veins, leading from the motherships in orbit into the earth, contaminating the land permanently.

    GS: So, how extensive is the campaign?
    JM: We're including 12 weapons and more than 15 vehicles. Those will be unlocked one after another. We are planning to have 30 to 40 maps. You'll spend approximately 15 hours with it.

    GS: Unreal Tournament is a team game. In the campaign as well?
    JM: Yes, you'll be the leader and will have comrades by your side. You can give them simple orders, like "Get me the Redeemer!", or you occupy the Hellbender's turret and tell a colleague "Drive me to the base!". This happens directly via voice control, just like in UT 2004. Only that it works perfectly this time around.

    GS: When I get killed during the campaign...
    JM: ... then you'll respawn in your base. You don't have to start the level all over again.

    GS: Sounds more like a multiplayer game with bots.
    JM: Well, it's supposed to feel like a multiplayer game.

    GS: What makes the campaign special then?
    JM: The plot and the tasks. For example, one of the later objectives is to steal the cloaking technology of the Necris to equip your own vehicles with it. All of your colleagues have a personality of their own. Additionally, we tell the story via ingame cinematics.


      Sounds pretty stinking tight :-P

      It also sounds like you'll get some serious replayability out of the campaign if you can choose different paths. 15 hours of gameplay sounds nice as well. Long enough not to be short, but short enough to make you want to play through it again.