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New controller - Brain power - and UT3

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    I'm unable to watch the vid as I'm at work, but I don't believe the tech is advanced enough to play ut2k4 with your brain yet.
    Within the last year I've seen it's possible to play Space Invaders using your brain as well as writing letters using a hell of a lot of concentration.
    There's no way the tech could have moved from space invaders to something as complex as ut2k4 in such a short amount of time imo.

    As for the future, the FPS genre would be pointless if you had control with your brain. The fun and main part of the skill comes from hand-eye co-ordination and the way u can never be 100% perfect at it.

    I think it would be awesome for RTS games however where u need to be doing 50 things at once (supreme commander!)