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    Did anyone notice this thread doesn't even come close to discussing weapon lockers?


      Originally posted by Jrubzjeknf View Post
      Did anyone notice this thread doesn't even come close to discussing weapon lockers?
      Yes, but who cares?


        I brought it up... sort of...

        ... they should put enforcers in weapon lockers! All better!


          the stinger and mini gun will be the same, the only difference is that the stinger will look cooler and be able to pin people to walls, sounds like an improvement to me.


            guys, gals, and err...every one,

            iv been trying to find a picture AND footage of the first version stinger and i cant find (sensored word) to do with either,

            I guess the reason why i like the minigun is because most navy ships have them in one form or another and the concept of spraying some poor sap with a wall of lead appealing yet comical as their legs and arms fly in different directions.

            i didnt play u99 but i HAVE got UT:G.O.T.Y its a (sensored) (sensored) to get hold.

            just a thought, whats the bio gun for in UT:03/04? i mean the most kills i've ever made with any weapon is either the assult rifle or the rocket launcher..the bio gun doesnt really serve any purpose for me in appearence or design its to bulky.

            as for the patch, lmao i dont know the first thing about making patches other then plasters / bandaids / gauze iv got no idea how.

            i would like to finish this post and ask if you guys think the makers could modifiy the design of the new enforcers to be more postol like or similar design from G.O.T.Y because from the appearence and narrow angle of view on the UT3 they look very very short and narrow, maybe iv played violant video games for too long.....


              About Miniguns. Naval ships carry high powered anti missile chain or gattling guns. Those things are far more powerful than your GE Minigun. The Stingers purposes is to break the standard image of bullet spraying minigun and make it into shard spraying awesome weapon that serves the same purpose of the minigun. The bio rifle is a nasty weapon if you know how to use it at all. Its easily an extremely powerful weapon to both shielded and unshielded foes alike. and the word is Censored! ^^. Welcome to the Forum if you haven't been welcomed yet.


                Kiwi posted this on BeyondUnreal forums

                Direct link to video

                Clearly shows the Stinger. Also notice the fine floor shooting skills.


                  I amazed at how many people have just replied Enforcer > AssRifle and left it at that..
                  I mean, the only difference short of the mesh, is the different firing properties of the weapons - ie; how the devs make them work.
                  And that is eminently editable.

                  If the AR has a crappy spread, then lessen it.
                  If it's not powerful enough, then up the damage.
                  If the nades bounce around & are useless, then make them insta-boom, or design a new sec-fire mode.

                  This whole forum is all about discussing the various elements of the game, and then making them better.
                  We don't say "the jump distances weren't right last time, so lets take jumping out of the game", and neither should the poor performance of any weapons in 2K4 mean it should be dropped from UT3.

                  If the devs want a decent AssRifle, they can make one - no-one should be going around saying oh noes we didn't make a good AssRifle last time, therefore we should never try in future.

                  What *should* make the difference between keeping & dropping the weapons is style.
                  If the weapons can't be made to fit in the with look & feel of the game, then that's when they should be dropped.
                  You can always go back & alter the way a weapon works after the demo or beta, but if the very concept of that weapons doesn't fit into your universes' background, then it's never going to work, no matter what you do to it.

                  IMO both the enforcers and AssRifle make a fitting starting weapon, (as long as it's not as powerful as a pea-shooter), so I'm cool either way - but it's just plain ole' wrong to suggest that the AssRifle could not be made to be just as good.


                    In conclusion - Enforcers did look cooler, they sounded better and were more efficient.


                      Since everyone has already argued the Enforcer>Assault Rifle argument in my favour, I'll leave it at that ;-)

                      However, I think it's good to see the Stinger make a return- from the original Unreal. I loved the first Unreal (and was sorely dissapointed with U2) and I think it's good to see Epic remembering their roots. Maybe someday we'll see a true sequel to the original Unreal!! ;-)


                        Originally posted by Scorpion View Post
                        guys, gals, and err...every one,
                        just a thought, whats the bio gun for in UT:03/04? i mean the most kills i've ever made with any weapon is either the assult rifle or the rocket launcher..the bio gun doesnt really serve any purpose for me in appearence or design its to bulky.
                        You just haven't seen it in use by a skilled player. The primary fire is rarely used, but the secondary is awesome - when you manage to get a direct hit with the goo on the target - it inflicts ~250 points of damage in UT2004 and around 350+ in UT2003/UT. Sometimes you may be able to get a kill by simple spitting the blob on the floor, but it's only the direct hit that inflicts the maximum damage and it requires a very good aim. It's good as a first strike weapon in mid-range combat, but then, if victim survived, you'd better switch to something that loads faster.

                        As for enforcers - the assault rifle inflicts only 7 point damage at one shot and it's pretty inaccurate. It's can be quite a deadly weapon but only when you have two of them and stand very close to the target. Enforcers have a slower rate of fire, yes, but they did 25 damage at one shot and had zero spread of fire in primary fire mode - that's a higher chance to survive.


                          With the enforcer, just knowing you were gouging out a quarter of their health with every hit made them worth using. You knew that one hit was a big enough deal that people would think twice before engaging, and so I think the enforcers were teh best spawn weapon even included in a FPS game. You could be killed using them, but you'd make them work (and bleed) for it.

                          Even if you wouldn't get an instant kill like a rocket hit, or a bio-rifle shot, you knew you were doing something, and so avoided the frantic feel of the AR, where you could keep your crosshairs locked and empty the clip at someone who didn't even have to bother dodging, because they knew they would very likely survive in any case. People can pretty much kill you at their liesure if you've got the AR. Not good, but after the enforcer, they were insult as well as injury.


                            Good on pointing out most of the inacurate statements in the opening post, but there are a couple you missed:

                            Originally posted by Scorpion View Post
                            ( if you've played 03 and 04 you will be aware they have superior fire power, rate of shots fired p/second and grenade canisters , they flowed nicely with the movement of a character with a sleek and smooth design and most importantly had minimum kick back per shot fired ).
                            Minimum kick back? None of the guns had any kick back.

                            Originally posted by Scorpion View Post
                            3. WTF possessed the team to take out the minigun and replace it with the stinger? iv never played the first UT but the whole point of the minigun was a constant spray of lead from a rotating set of barrels to splatter the poor recipients brains and blood against the oposing surfaces! theres allready the flak cannon, surly this is enough?
                            The stinger does the exact same thing. Also, how the stinger like the flak?


                              Originally posted by !PaRaNoiD! View Post
                              Minimum kick back? None of the guns had any kick back.
                              AVRiL does


                                Originally posted by X-Cannon View Post
                                The stinger is basically the minigun, primary fire is hitscan, secondary is not.
                                The mini was incredibly overpowered in UT99... During clan matches it was so easy to just run around known spawn points and take down freshly spawned players in less than 2 seconds with it... Additionally, you could bring down an opponent with the shield belt on with the mini in a few seconds if he was close and you could keep your reticle on him long enough... Amped mini? Forget about it.

                                Anyway... The stinger does not look overpowered at all... And the primary fire is not hitscan... It fires projectiles just like the secondary fire does and you'll have to take leading the enemy into account if you want to hit him with it at any significant distance... Because, once again, primary fire is NOT hitscan.

                                Just wanted to clear that up.