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    Linux support?

    First of all, as my first message on this forums, I wanna thank Epic Games for all Unreal Series. Amazing! I've been having fun with it since "Unreal", yeah, the very first one

    Unfortunately, this is the only* version that does not have a "linux native" version of it. OMG! That was almost 10 years ago!
    But when "Unreal" started the "Tournament" it started linux support too. UT GOTY 99, UT2003, UT2004 ...
    I wanna know/hear a little bit more about a linux port of this game. I only know that it will be a PC, XBOX, PS3.

    Will be a UT3 linux version of the game?? Like UT2004, since "the demo version"!?

    Thanks in advance!

    Mike Capps just addressed this in his latest video interview:

    His response: (airquotes)If we make another one(end airquotes)


      Well they talked about UnrealED being cross-platform, so I don't see why not. If it can work on the PS3 (which uses OpenGL IIRC), I'm sure it will work on Linux.


        Originally posted by Phopojijo
        His response: (airquotes)If we make another one(end airquotes)
        I saw this video, and I never heard this. They were speaking about XBox port only, and a possibility of playing cross platform XBox <-> PC
        They never said what PC is. We have 3 major desktop OS. Microsoft platform, MacOS X platform and Linux platform.

        It would be great if they support others OS, instead that just Windows.


          They are going to have quite a few unhappy server admins if there is no Linux version.


            I don't see why it won't be on Linux, UT99 and UT2k* were on Linux. Plus, it's coming out on the PS3, which uses OpenGL ES. So why shouldn't it be?


              Originally posted by Mardok View Post
              I don't see why it won't be on Linux, UT99 and UT2k* were on Linux. Plus, it's coming out on the PS3, which uses OpenGL ES. So why shouldn't it be?
              maybe it has to do with the new GAMES FOR WINDOWS thing ?
              maybe microsoft is fronting some good money for exclusivity, its not the first time we've seen this


                Originally posted by
                We would be happy to make a Linux version as soon as Unreal Engine 3 and AGEIA have support for it. Right now neither of those support Linux (it has undergone many changes since UE2).
                Now i know they don't have a Linux and a Mac port of this game. Thats not good. Like other guy said on another thread here

                With Linux only growing in market share thanks to popular distros like Ubuntu, SuSE etc and with both UT2004 and UT supporting Linux from the very start it seems very strange to omit it from this release. does Epic/Midway not want to grow the Unreal user base? more Unreal players now = more UT2007 players later = more copies of UT2007 sold = more profit.
                UT is one of the most played game on linux platform. Sure that UT3 will be to, if ported! Come on!

                Like Mark Rein said in one of the videos:
                "We want to be remembered for everything we do"


                  I'm sure there will be Linux version of UT3. If not out-of-the-box right after the release, then slightly later.


                    I really hope so.

                    I've been a big fan of Epic Games for a while for actually providing Linux support in the retail box. The fact that they aren't being clear about a Linux release of UT3 is extremely disappointing.

                    I stopped buying non-Linux games in 2000, and I only fell for the "we'll release Linux binaries later" scam once - with Neverwinter Nights. Never again; Linux installer in the retail box or I'm not even going to consider the purchase.


                      Originally posted by Chandon View Post
                      Linux installer in the retail box or I'm not even going to consider the purchase.
                      Exactly the same for me.
                      I switched for 4 years now to Linux. I don't want to install a scrappy XP/Vista OS just for one game, even if this game should be the best of the century.

                      Linux is the future of computing. If you don't think so, you should think about China. 85 % of their administration is running Linux (Red Flag Linux).
                      Here, in Europa, there is more and more computers to switch to Linux. I bet than within the next 10 years we'll see Tux grow and grow.
                      Dell starts selling computers with Linux. Times are changing. I hope Midway will understand that and not miss this opportunity of market shares...
                      I also think that people running Linux will agree very more easily to purchase their copy rather than copying it, since the community like to send signals that they are waiting the same support as windows user do have today.


                        Yep, I plan/hope to run it on Linux.

                        I have tinkered with it off and on for, wow, over 10 years maybe? I mean way back.

                        Anyway, Since they make the engine as a product, seems like it is a win-win for them and us. More people use their engine and thus more games can just work on Linux.

                        Support Epic and the people using their engines, thats my motto


                          I have been using linux since 1995, and im fine with the fact that i miss out on a lot of games..
                          But UT3 looks SO **** sweet, and i would really love to play it, like most of your people
                          The big question however is, why are epic not doing anything at all concerning linux?
                          The most basic thing they could do is to simply ask people if they want it?

                          Even better; Set up a "preorder for linux, your money back if it fails" function on the webpage, then people could actually pay up in advance, and then epic would be sure they actually got money for the game (if they managed to get things working).
                          I suggest this because, one thing is the hoardes of linux zealots who use most of their time claiming to be willing to buy X,Y and Z, but never actually buys it, making the marked *seem* bigger than it is. While this is not completely true, my suggestion would at least prove, in numbers, that there IS a market in linux
                          I wont mind "risking" some money on this, because clearly, if Epic fails to get it to work on linux, they can simply pay me back.. (im sufficiently sure they wont go bankrupt for trying).

                          How about some response from Epic themselves, are any Epic people reading this at all?
                          Should we contact them by other means, to make sure they know where here?


                            Hope there will be a linux version, too. I am more and more starting to use linux and I really see a need for UT running on it. While I had problems as newbie with running TS and UT2004 at once and also having good fps I think the time will come where I only need to have linux on my pc where UT is running at. No need to spend money for an OS on several PCs just to be a legal user. For my job I will need to use Windows in future, too, but my linux part will more and more grow. So please Epic make the right decision.


                              They already *have* the port.

                              Unreal Tournament 3 isn't like many other games where we have to beg the developers for a Linux port. They already *have* a Linux port - they've released Linux versions for every version of UT I've played. It's not even like they could have moved to DirectX or something for this version - Playstation 3 uses OpenGL and they're officially supporting that. The Unreal Engine 3 blurb even implies that it has Linux support.

                              I'm not sure why Epic isn't very clearly announcing that they have a simultaneous-release Linux version of UT3. This "there might be a Linux version" **** is really bad PR - they've built up a great public image with Linux versions of the UT games, and they're hurting that image now.

                              The only *possible* reason I can see for not committing to a Linux installer in the retail box is some "Games for Windows" hoop they need to jump through to get Windows/Xbox360 multiplayer to work.

                              Whatever it is, there better be a Linux installer in the box. I really don't want ET:Quake Wars to be the only game my group gets to buy this year.