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Falling on head damage.

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    OK, if people are jumping from 5 story height trying to crush people I really think your character should be screaming. This is the way it should work. If you character is free falling for a certain about of time your character should automatically start a hair raising scream; First to give the guy below half a chance to jump out of the way; Second for the comedy; and third because anybody jumping from that height would be screaming just before their impending doom. Also how about a wild swing of the arms and legs animation to go along with that.


      great idea!
      but it should be a really loong fall, and as an easteregg, not something systematic when you fall, it would be annoying.
      and you're a tough guy, and you respawn. why woud you scream ?


        I award this thread 2 thumbs up for hilarity value.

        A headcrushing value of 10-50 damage seems about right to me (10 when jumping on top of someone, 50 from about the point where you should normally get falling damage). If it kills someone, can we have the announcer call out "headstomp!"?

        Originally posted by toniglandyl
        and you're a tough guy, and you respawn. why woud you scream ?
        For the same reason as people tend to scream in rollercoasters, I suppose.

        Besides...even the most badass shootist I know (Serious Sam) screams when falling/diving into a lake much below him.


          Originally posted by toniglandyl View Post
          ...and you're a tough guy, and you respawn. why woud you scream ?
          People scream very often:

          - They scream when they are in pain.
          - They scream when in anger.
          - They screm when they just "got busy". (and did it right, of course)
          - I scream while reading every second thread on this forum that contains "a great gameplay idea".
          - They scream when excited or have an adrenalin rush (like in a rollercoaster, as mentioned above).
          - more occasion.

          But: I wouldn't like the scream in MP. It can be OK in a SP game or the SP campaign. in MP, i at least wanna be able to switch it off like auto taunts.