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Maximum Velocity Paintball : UT3 Mod Team Recruiting

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    Maximum Velocity Paintball : UT3 Mod Team Recruiting

    Team Overview

    Underground Interactive is a new development team, composed of the remaining members of the Maximum Velocity Paintball Team Our goal is to create a dedicated development team, to work on the upcoming MVPB UT3 conversion, and future projects.

    Website - MODDB Profile

    Project Overview

    Genre: First Person Shooter
    Engine: RoboBlitz Editor/Unreal Tournament 3
    Inspiration: The entire sport of Paintball. Magazines, DVDs, Recreation and Tournament resources.
    Team : Underground Interactive

    Design Document

    Maximum Velocity Paintball is an Unreal Tournament 3 paintball conversion & modification. Our team goal is to create a paintball mod that is both realistic and fun. With team based center flag, capture the flag, and elimination game play featuring realistic markers, animations, field designs, and game play; all without the welts! This mod fits the simulation of the many types of paintball featuring Tournament play, Recreational play, and all around fun game play.

    Project State
    Building & Planning Phase
    Organizing Team, Finalize TMS (Team Management System), Planning

    Accreditation only
    * Your contribution will be accredited within the game, of course
    * You will experience development with a dedicated, experienced mod team, and through this modification you are able to work with people in the paintball industry and benefit from their support and experience.
    * Attend Paintball Events & Test New Products

    Talent Needed

    Programmers (Unreal script & Kismet)
    Required to implement custom engine features, as well as general implementation of content

    Programmers will be required to expand the UE3 code base as well as write new code for custom features. A good understanding unreal script and is required, and a basic understanding of C++ is a plus. Also Kismet knowledge helps.

    Later on programmers will be involved in bug-testing and debugging the alpha/beta versions and final release candidate.

    Project Lead
    Someone with extended knowledge in modding for Unreal Tournament. Required to be dedicated, help with recruiting, problem solving, public relations, and contribute in development if possible.

    Conceptual Artists
    Required to create conceptual designs of weapons, player models, environments, etc. These designs may require more then one view.

    Technical Artists(Skins, Textures, Etc)
    Technical Artists will be required to work on textures for static meshes, weapon skins, and other misc 2-D Artwork. General Experience in UnrealED,
    Photoshop, and 3D Studio Max is required.

    3-D Artists(Modelers)
    Required to create Weapon Models, Static Meshes, and other 3-D work. This position requires experience in 3D Studio Max, Maya, and other Modeling programs. These artists will also work with programmers, and technical artists to get the models skinned, and in game, as well as make changes or new static meshes for the level design team.

    Character Artists(Model Characters & Rigging)
    Required to create player models based on either conceptual sketches, or photos of actual paintball players. Experience is required in 3D Studio Max, Maya, and other Modeling Programs.

    Required to work with models in first-person, and third-person views to create custom animations for both weapon, and character models. Experience in 3D Studio Max is required and experience in UnrealED is a plus.

    Level Designers
    This position requires experienced level designers in UnrealED. Level designers will be expected to create original interactive level designs, as well as replica fields inspired by actual field designs. Also level designers are expected to help test and tweak their levels to fix known bugs.

    Current Members
    Deadlyassasin - Project Lead, 2D Artist, PR & Planning
    Sysrq - Co Leader, Webmaster, TMS
    Roger "Axe56" Crain - Lead Level Designer, Static Meshes, 2D Art
    Yoshi - 2D Artist, Interface, Hud, Logos, Etc

    Contact Information
    E-Mail : or
    MSN :

    Please use either of these methods to contact me if you are interested in either of the above positions.

    Below are Examples of Some of Our Work

    wow looks very nice.


      Quality post, nicely done.

      Good luck!


        Just want to know how you can MOD for a game, when there are no specs or system requirements... It would be a shame to this work goto waste if epic changes how things work from ut2004. But it's good work anyway, maybe put some it to use now.


          Originally posted by ProjectUT View Post
          Just want to know how you can MOD for a game, when there are no specs or system requirements... It would be a shame to this work goto waste if epic changes how things work from ut2004. But it's good work anyway, maybe put some it to use now.
          We will begin working with the RoboBlitz Editor which is a modified version of the Unreal 3 Engine. We've done our research and looked at the code and even though people have claimed there is no netcode its actually there its just not being used. Right now we are focusing on getting all our planning done, concept work, graphics, models, and more. There are still plenty of things you can get done until the release of the game. Even if the RoboBlitz Editor wasn't released the game is coming out in a few months and its good to already have the Planning period complete that way we can move right into production. It also gives you time to build a community, and get your mod out there.

          LMK If you have anymore questions.

          *Also the previous work above from UT2k4 will not be used in the mod. I'm just giving you an idea of the quality work we have done as a team.


            Soooooo... Paintball, eh? Will people still blow up?

            Is it more of a family friendly version of UT3?


              No people wont blow up, Once marked with paint they will be eliminated from the match and go to a "Waiting Area" until the next sound. Have you ever heard of Paintball? Just curious you can find a lot more information at its actually more of a simulation and almost total conversion of UT itself.