I was just playing around with RoboBlitz's UE3 editor and checked out the export functions. The option to export a brush to an .obj file is not present. Will the UT3 editor have this ability or was it dropped in UE3?

I've sort of started using a new modelling pipeline with UT2k4 this weekend - I make a brush in UED, export it as an obj, import the model into TS7, export it to a 3ds, mod the 3ds in AC3d (my fav 3d package), import it into TS7, bone it, and then export it as a .psk (gamepack). UED is the easiest 3D package I know to use.

Aside from a lot of cleanup of the brush (sometimes UED just does odd things with geometry) I am having a good time with the new path. Unfortunately TS7 and Ac3d can't read t3d files. TS7 can't write them, ac3d can but I just need to read them.