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Will Epic use 'Live Anywhere' on UT3 on PC to play against 360 players?

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    Will Epic use 'Live Anywhere' on UT3 on PC to play against 360 players?

    Will epic implement LIve anywhere so PC and Xbox 360 players can go against each other? I hope it is done as that will bring about alot of appeal for the game and will primarily be the FIRST famous name multiplayer fps game to implement it (forget shadowrun). Alot of people will want a PC vs Xbox 360 battle especially in a traditionally mouse and keyboard game like UT.

    Im interested in knowing if it will be possible for Xbox 360's version will be moddable like what epic wants to do with the PS3 version. These kind of things really add alot of replay value to the game and I know epic is aware of this.

    I guess the decision is actually microsofts weather or not they wish to allow modding of the game. I certainly know epic would be eager to have such a feature since this would help unify the game all under one roof instead of splitting the community apart like it has been with past unreal games.

    Microsoft is actually sort of competing with itself currently with the whole Xbox 360 and PC gamers fued. I think thats why Microsoft has started this whole windows Live and XNA marketing.

    Im hoping to see some sort of modding be possible especially for the xbox version.


      Yeah this is indeed something I would like to know about even if it is a no, then we know where modders stand in the community.

      Its not so much about cross platform play as it is cross platform mods, although cross platform play would benifit cross platform mods greatly. It doesnt really matter on platform as either PS3 or 360 would benifit, one thing I am aware of is quality control and that is why xbox games go through a specific set of tests etc.

      Perhaps these same standards (well similar) could be applied to mods, using a rating system of sorts so that mods with low enough ratings get cut from a list of mods downloadable on consoles. I know this might seem unfair but for every good map there is atleast 2 horrid ones that PC users are pretty much forced to download if other people want to play them.

      I can understand the issue with cross platform modding and gaming but I think the Gamepad vs keyboard and mouse isnt a big excuse. Yeah they play differently but thats why you code the game for both in the first place, really the game should have the same basic mechanics on all systems. It does become purely an input issue and if people want to play with a gamepad on PC well then they should be able to in my opinion, some mods would even benifit from people using a gamepad such as fighting games.

      I know the GTA3 series played well on both gamepad and keyboard and mouse, there might need to be some adjustments made but I hardly think those would make the game completely incompatible. That does just leave the problem of MS vs Sony and what each of their stances is on the topic.

      I just think Mods could really make the console versions of the game more attractive to people who cant afford both. Yeah people might have PC's for modding if thats what they like to do but if the game sells well on consoles (which we all know it will because even the PS3 comes in cheaper then a high end pc) then the mod community can breach the boundries of the PC and into the lounge of gamers.

      Having this exposure for mods could do a great deal for a mod community which may suffer on PC because of the announcement of UT3 being on all three platforms. There are finer points like quality control and I can fully understand that we dont want a mess of things that are beta or never finished floating around on servers for console players to play. Indeed there is also the issue of bugs causing crashes on consoles which is one reason why console gamers like consoles.

      If they are aware of the risk and understand that something is in testing then they could avoid it if needed. This also bring up a question of something like Mod Demo's which console gamers might understand more if they arnt up on modding or how game development works. You could make a small portion of your mod fully tested an approved ready to release to console gamers, every one knows that a demo is not a completed product so it might sway them to like the fact there is a few issues if they get to play something new.

      I guess what Im saying is something like cliffyb's ownage maps could be applied where only the highest quality stuff becomes available on consoles to avoid problems which might give consoles a less then perfect image. Which is something MS obviously doesnt want because of their testing and approving standards they have implemented on the xbox systems and are implementing for vista.

      PC gamers have already asked for an approval and rating system in UT3 as it is because we understand that there can be some silly mod you just dont want or need but you download it anyway. All it ends up doing is taking up space on your HDD and nothing else of any real purpose. I can see things like this helping the mod communities image and maybe giving it a semi-professional look instead of a mess that it looks like right now. There are heaps of good mods out there like for example ChaosUT2, UCMP, CPB's, Ballistic Weapons to name just a few off the top of my head.

      Mods like that do wonders for the community and add a hell of alot of reply value to a game console gamers might put down just a few months after release. For a multiplayer game it can be even more important, now UT3 seems very single player oriented as well but the multiplay will still be there. I just think its a shame console users might miss out on some of this lovely content, perhaps without even being aware that you can get that on PC or even on consoles if the future is a bright one


        I freaking hope not. I've recently switched to console gaming after a little over a decade of PC gaming and, although I enjoy both, there are obvious advantages to using a mouse to game.

        Unless Microsoft wants to release a kb/mouse for the 360 like Sega did with the dreamcast...


          I hardly think a keyboard will help you drive a vehicle as well as a stick, see there is obvious disadvantages to both but live has sections for recreational and comp gamers. I still think a comp gamepad player could kick a new mouse players **** to be honest. Ofcoarse the other way around it would be a totally different story. How about we keep comp gamers on the comp servers and casual gamers on the pubs hey?


            I just don't see that happening, and I also think alot of people got the idea a little twisted...

            I don't think they ever said "cross platform online play"...

            I think all they said was console users would be able to use custom maps and stuff on to their harddrive.

            The goal is to extend the life of the conole games as well, not make PC players play XBox...does anyone think Epic is honeslty gonna subject PC players to that?

            Have some faith.....

            It's preobaly so dang harf to make that work anyway...

            I guarantee you all your getting on about is basicaly "bonus content access".

            All they are tryin to do is extend console the games lifes through the mod community as well.


              Didn't the Epic guy (not Mark R.) say that it's not possible to cross platform play in that gamespot vid.?


                Actually I think it was jeff morris (oh you said not mark rein ) that said it was possible but there are other issues involved. I can whip up the quote but your better of watching the clip

                Jeff morris always gets me hyped about the game, the way he describes things like injecting he's just visual as well. Its great to see enthusiasm about the game, it really shows its heading in the right direction. I think thats why I liked watching cliffy talk about gears. Theres just something about them going alittle offtrack and smiling the whole time which keeps you on the edge of your seat. If he is the one telling people what to do, Im really glad because it works on me


                  He said that there is no technical reason why it can't be cross platform, and Epic really wants it cross platform, but that there are... other possible difficulties. Like MS not wanting to have anything to do with Sony, and vice versa.


                    Yeah I have said before at how well Epic does handle that kind of stuff especially in the past with releases on alot of other platforms. Its great that Epic's Engine is that versatile as well as it shows that it is possible and its not just about what hardware or what API you might be running. Hopefully we'll hear more though because just the possibility is great news indeed, although tim sweeny has said something to that effect in the past.

                    I just thought that would be a good reason to hold the release off on 360 so you could dangle it infront of MS's face and see if they take the bait. Im sure if MS was considering things like that it would take some time. No doubt if it does end up happening it'll be 360 vs PC(vista) and PS3 vs PC(XP/linux) judging by what happened in the past with PS2 running a linux box.

                    Mind you Mac's can run XP/MacOS which is a version of linux so they could essentially get the best of both worlds if they can dual boot vista hehe


                      A lot of your questions are answered here.


                        Originally posted by Flak View Post
                        A lot of your questions are answered here.
                        Thank you Flak


                          they don't say what the 'non-technical'-limitations that would stop cross-platform-gaming ...
                          I'm guessing it's Sony or MS not wanting to give their respective counterpart a chance to sell additional consoles with a name like this on the horizon.

                          ie : it is pure corporate greed that keeps us separated

                          I also wouldn't be too suprised if MS required us to downgrade to either XP or Vista just to play cross-platform.


                            Originally posted by EyeOfTheJackal View Post
                            He said that there is no technical reason why it can't be cross platform, and Epic really wants it cross platform, but that there are... other possible difficulties. Like MS not wanting to have anything to do with Sony, and vice versa.
                            Well, they should just jolly well cooperate for the good of the game, and the increased enjoyment of the players. Which they can then both support, so the game will get more advertising, higher popularity so more people will play, which will mean their cooperation would prove mutually beneficial, financially, in the long run.
                            Me and my Xbox 360 (I'm getting a new PC v. soon, but I don't think it'll quite run UT3!) are big supporters of any effort made to break down the walls.

                            I think what should be relevant is the games we want to enjoy, not the platform we use to enjoy them. At least PC/360 is highly likely, because of LIVE integration into PCs, but I don't see why PS3 fans of UT should be excluded from the good times, too. A more inclusive gaming environment is a positive all round, imo.


                              Maybe if we write a letter to microsoft requesting they allow user created content they may consider customers are genuinley intersted in modding. I think Microsoft just wants to charge for content so they get royalties.