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Anybody else in it for the editor?

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    Yeah, but the PS3 is also pricier in Europe...


      Originally posted by RealmRPGer View Post
      Yeah, but the PS3 is also pricier in Europe...
      Something like 599 euros or around $750(?) US depending on the currency rate.


        yeap €600 euros is around what? 800 bucks already


          Originally posted by RealmRPGer View Post
          Going through these forums, it feels like I (and a very small couple others) want Unreal Tournament 3 for the UnrealEd. There's a large project (a total conversion mod: It's going to be an RPG when it's done) I want to get started on, and so the more UT3 is pushed back, the longer it'll take to get started on!

          Because of this fact, I'm also looking for different things when new media like this gets released. I drooled over the gold material and UnrealCascade in the early demos (as well as neat new PhysX). Too bad there's not really anything like that shown in the new teaser footage.

          Anyway, I'm just curious if there are any others out there that are like me.

          Also, I'm pretty sure there's no answer on this (tho' I did see a little something in GoW during the short time I watched my roommate play it), but does anyone know if the water (and clouds) are relative to Crysis's? The RPG will have beaches, too, so those Crysis terrain flybys were just amazing for me. Or, does anybody know if UE3 will allow for custom pixel shaders? I've been doing a lot of work in pixel shaders lately for a game project of mine, and kindof at least know how crytek did the clouds and soft particles.

          you may be able to go ahead and do some base mapping in UT2k4, and then import the mappage into UT3.
          I doubt you could straight load any K4 maps in at all.
          You could try out concepts in Ut2k4 and when its out its your already familiar with your direction.
          You could mod up the 2k4 weapons so they act close to the UT3 versions, based on info thats out.
          Then tweak things in UT3.


            Well, it's a TOTAL conversion. Essentially I'm only go to be using the engine. It'll be an RPG when it's finished. By RPG, I mean somewhat of a mix between American and Japanese RPGs. So that means you won't even be using those guns... Well, some of the game's weapons will be guns, I guess.


              The editor would be the main reason I would even consider it on PC at this point in time.

              I'd prefer my KB&M, but I don't have $1000 or more to drop on a PC upgrade just to play one game.....


                I'll buy the game for the game (as I'm still under the assumption that I will buy it, which only the demo could possibly change), but editors always tend to keep me busy for many an hour, and I might try joining up with some people for a total conversion this time as well.. last time I did was ages ago ^^


                  Hrm. Well, my total conversion would be rather large, so any extra hands would be rather helpful.


                    ooh ooh pick me, pick me!!!!!

                    the editor is why it is such a great game. period.


                      Originally posted by l-_-l View Post
                      ooh ooh pick me, pick me!!!!!

                      the editor is why it is such a great game. period.
                      What's your expertise?


                        Woot. Roboblitz' editor is something to check out while you are waiting - a good many functions seem to have been moved to the menus (sans on the tab to the left). Roboblitz also offers the option to do additive (empty space) map building or subtractive (digging caves) map building.

                        The object pallette seems greatly revamped - now you have textures and materials. It took a while to get the filters (sorts out textures, objects, etc) set up right to show usable textures vice materials.

                        Also it seems that everything is a package now. All textures and objects are lumped into one file. I can see the benefits of it, but it is hard to just find textures, etc. The filters help, but I am too lazy lol.


                          Smells like Anarchy! Feels like revolt!

                          Epic now has us entering the ring with different unnessary handicaps, that just don't have to be!

                          No Editing tools for consoles, no keyboard and mouse support to play in game, is simply criminal and bleeds extortion, to sell more copies and more hardware that many console players can't afford.

                          We already have devices in the market place that will enable console players to cheat without being detected with keyboard and mouse play (Autofire even). They are external devices that interpret the signals from a keyboard and mouse sending the signals as if it were from a controller.

                          If you play on a PC, you will be wondering how you just got killed by that console player. Other console players will be wondering how another console player gets top kills in a server. A whole new form of cheating will be born in cross platform play where we will be forced to to buy these units to even compete.

                          Plus it is Wicked Sick of Epic to force us to buy, not only the HIGHER priced console version, but the one without the Editing tools for a double RIPOFF! Especially if you are a modder and forced to buy the PC version as well!!!

                          Sony has already enabled keyboard and mouse support for not only editing mods, but in game play as well. WHY NOT USE IT Epic?????

                          Is this to satisfy M$ sadistic control freak desease! That as we see is worthless? The only people you are denying kb/mouse play to, are the people who can't afford the XFPS's and other sure to be developed ones for the PS3 as well!

                          Nobody I know prefers to play with a controller. Why force us? Now they will be putting us all together, and creating totally unneccessary complications for not only gamers, but themselves as well! What's the POINT?

                          At this time, I am not so sure I want to buy any version of UT3.

                          They all need to rethink the editor, KB/Mouse support for both PS3 and X360. Microsoft needs to get off the anti-KB/Mouse thing and realise it's been broken and enable these features. Otherwise we will have Anarchy in the cross platform servers!

                          XFPS devices on ebay:

                          I urge all X360 console players to buy one for this game if you still intend on even buying the game, to prepare for future warfare in UT3! Show them who really has the power to dictate how we play the games we pay for!

                          No doubt a version will come out for the PS3 as well! Let's take back our gaming experience! We pay far too much as it is for the dumbed down version we will be getting without KB/Mouse and Editing features!


                            The editor requires more then the app itself to be truly worth anything. By itself it no ability to make static mashes/models or new textures/bumpmaps and is defiantly not a good working environment for scripting/ codeing. You need 3rd party apps to do a lot and attempting to add them in the editor would be foolish.

                            Also XFPS is a poor excuse of a controller its not a good emulation of a mouse and kb. I tried it and found it painful to use as it was unable to move correctly as a mouse would in a real game.


                              XFPS PWNS on Gears!

                              Re: RoadKillGrill? Flat out liar! I have really used one, and when tuned right, you kill controllers! That simple! You don't get the point either. Just use real keyboard and mouse support for UT3 on all platforms. What's so bad about that, unless you work for Microsoft and just want control!

                              If X360 owners want to pwn everybody, the XFPS makes it simple. This is a dude piling up dead bodies in Gears of War!

                              You won't even know you're a victim! Force Microsoft to enable KB/Mouse support NOW! End the useless slaughter that awaits console players in UT3! You may even be helping your own survival on PC. This thing will enable all kinds of cheats in the future!




                                What are you doing? advertising that lame excuse of a mouse emulator? It fails to emulate a mouse good, the friction and maximum turn speed make it unable to emulate my desirable sensitivity. It aims better then the controller but requires far too much movement of the mouse.

                                Whats this have to do with the editor anyway, personally I still feel its not feasible for a console platform to be an editor platform as it lacks additional development software. On a side note, community custom maps and mods are typically not as optamised and require more powerful systems to run effectively which may make it difficult to crossplatform.