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UT3, will it be part of "Games for Windows" ?

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    Yep your wrong, but it does mean if you want your game to be part of it you have to have your game work with certain things like Games Explorer, games saves in My Documents>My Games folder etc (Which is great when you have more than 1 person playing on the same PC, as you can let them sign in the guest account and they wont screw up your settings ).


      Well after reading this interview, it looks like its in discussion with Microsoft

      "What do you think of Microsoft's latest PC gaming pushes, the Games for Windows brand and Live Anywhere?

      Morris: Well the short advantage is - and we learnt this with stuff like IRC chat and voice-over data - why invent from scratch something that another company already makes available? Having a unified experience - having every bug fix that benefits everybody using that tech - that's really appealing, not having to build that kind of stuff from scratch.

      At the same time there are downsides, so we're not announcing that we're being branded by Games For Windows or anything like that because there are still negotiations going on."


        Originally posted by MrLemur2U View Post
        I thought the new "Games for Windows" branding implied Vista only.

        Am I wrong?
        You are. It uses the Vista logo only so consumers can identify with the new Vista OS that just came out. It'll work on XP just fine... better, infact.


          Originally posted by Ogs View Post
          ...instead of some Ubisoft plop, ya know ?
          Epic != Ubisoft.


            Originally posted by Ogs View Post
            and extra cool things like widescreen support in every game
            Widescreen gaming is such a scam tbh. I can see why you'd want widescreen when watching movies because those are available in widescreen originally (meaning you'd either have black bars on top and bottom or have to cut some stuff off to watch it on a 4:3 screen) but in 3d games you can configure your FOV yourself (or it's done for you by the programmers), so basically you always see less with widescreen on. (or more, but then that's by choice of the programmers, which is stupid because the choice is completely arbitrary; they could've programmed the game to show more vertically with a 4:3 monitor... in fact it'd be easier)
            Anyhow, UT (or at least UT2k3 and UT2k4) has always had support for widescreen because it assumes a 1:1 pixel aspect. In other words, if you use a 16:9 resolution, the game will render the environment with a 16:9 frustum so it will look undeformed on a widescreen monitor.


              We'll get more information about this closer to release.