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    Screenshot detail settings

    This only just came to me, so my "solution" could be improved vastly (i think theres already a way but it could be made simpler ), anyway here goes:

    The ability to take a screenshot with different detail settings.

    I just took a screenshot of a funny moment and when i looked for it i realise i take loads of screenshots for different reasons - and then remembered when i first started playing UT2k4 i couldn't use the highest settings so the screenshots never looked as good - my guess is i wont be able to with UT2k7 from the start either

    Current solution?:
    Bind two keys to quickly start a movie and then stop it - change detail settings, play it and quickly take a screenshot. The problem is this requires using the user.ini and always the chance of missing that moment by a split second when you play it back. Also i'm unsure but maybe really slow computer may not even be able to play it at highest settings even for 3 seconds.

    UT2k7 solution?:
    A second screenshot key which starts the movie and stops it within a split second. Then a menu system where you can choose the details you want in drop down menus, a preview screen and then the system doesnt have to play it etc - and the "detailed screenshot" is generated and found in the screenshot folder.

    Useless in many ways i guess, and for all i know could be done easier - but i don't wanna have to keep showing people "low setting" screenshots. I say a second screenshot key for this for people who dont wish to bother and bug shots - incase for some reasons at different settings it doesnt look the same.

    P.S. Why does it always takes me a page of writing to explain something others can explain in two sentances! My assignments always go over the word limit ^^

    I suppose this type of thing would be possible. The function could just do a dump of all relevant info (similar to the start of a demo recording) and then your preview idea could probably be done too, although the game would still have to load the level and stuff behind the scenes to be able to render it at all. If it could work at all, it would be nice for the game to be able to auto-detect the maximum possible settings for your system so you don't have any problems with things your gfx card may not support. Either that or they use a software renderer to accurately reproduce the scene with hardware emulation (this won't happen, and would probably take more time to render than is worthwhile just for a screenshot )