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What went wrong and the future of assault?

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    I think you are under the mistaken impression that assault has ever done well. I'm sure there's a lot of people out there that like the gametype, but in terms of sucess in numbers assault has never done well. In both generations of UT it was 2nd in the least played gametypes next to domination.

    I really don't think it's a gametype that works well with arcade style of play. Hence why they tried to rework the gametype.


      In both generations of UT it was 2nd in the least played gametypes next to domination.
      I will agree with you TWD. I enjoyed Assault more at lan parties or with friends rather than playing on a public server.


        Originally posted by Argonath
        But what did really go wrong with assault in ut2k4?
        Pretty much everything.


          IMHO there is only one thing that's wrong with the assault-gametype :
          it offers no room for newbies to learn how to play the game

          In UT'99 there was no guidance at all. Combined with maps that require more time to load compared to time needed to win a round there was no time to even learn the level.

          UT2k4 tried to fix the naviagition-problems, but it still couldn't fix the ridiculously short time-limits (never mind that map-load-times were even worse).

          IMHO that's why Onslaught succeeded as the 'next-gen assault'.
          There's usually plenty of time to learn the map.
          There's no guess-work needed to learn what needs to be done (making both concept and maps easy to learn).
          There's room for experiment as you can explore alternate routes to the main objectives and still help your team once you get there.


            If anyone here wants to get into a UT2k4 assault community, check out Dry Lobster. They have been the hub for UT2k4 assault (real assault, not race maps + trials) for a few years now. They hold mixers every now and then, so check 'em out.