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Spawning near Teams (TDM)

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    I would be against it

    I would prefer to just spawn near a weapon moreso that near my mates.

    Now that the shield gun is gone I feel it is important to spawn near a weapon,(this is just in the mappers responsibility)unless the enforcers do sufficient damage and are the default given weapon upon respawn.

    2k7 CTF and DM maps will be smaller so it should take less time to get to a decent weapon anyway.2k4 maps are a bit large and if there are not plentiful weapon pickups you find yourself trans'ing or shielding for awhile before finding something other than the AR.

    Spawning near your mates does'nt sound bad though.

    The header cannot be edited.Its supposed to say "I would NOT be against it"

    Also to the post above about teamwork and positioning-UT Comps teamoverlay lets you know where all of your mates are at all times.Awesome.


      Originally posted by Sero
      Hmm, not entirely random is not random tbh

      Interesting read though, that link, basically explaining that spawning is as random as how good the map has been zoned, and clears up why on some maps it's way too easy to 'learn' where your opponent spawns, and at the same time how it can be fixed.
      exactly, the utbible not only learns how to get better at UT, it also teaches you how to exploit it. If that's a good thing... well i'll leave it up to you. But right now i think that it should be a disclaimer that every new unreal-player has to read it before they can install the game ;(( would make UT and UT-forumming a lot easier

      ontopic: im not strongly against the idea of teambased spawns, in theory its "ok" and maybe even as good as the flawed system we have now. I just think that "the community" will find a way to exploit it faster than the designers ever imagined, thus screwing up an "ok" idea.


        Well the idea does have some merits and I havent voted yet, I wanted to see others opinions on this. It does sound alot like ctf without the flag so perhaps things like this are best left for symetrical maps. It does open the door for the use of team bases in tdm which might be ok in theory.

        From playing COD online Ive found those maps are good for team modes because it tends to be a circle fight and noone actually controls a whole map to the extend of maplock. It kinda brings up what I said in another thread about DM maps not being so good for TDM although DM can really be played on any map succesfully (even if they dont have the right flow).


          ...not to mention it would make grabbing weapons a lot harder, because you'd essentially respawn in a room where all the ammo/weaoons were taken up by your teammates.

          It may have worked for Halo, but remember that halo is also sloewr paced and you can only carry 2 weapons at a time.


            I wonder how powerful enforcer will be in UT2007. If is similar to enforcer in UT99 I have no problem with no weapon to pick up
            Also your teammates can drop some weapon for you.


              Originally posted by Sinister
              I think that Spawning near teams is good dont have to run over whole map to get back into fight. F.E.A.R. use that and players like it.
              Don't know about FEAR, but I think that the delay while team mates get backk into action is one of the cool things about TDM. The time when you're underpowered, waiting for lost team mates to get back to the front is a good time. Tough, but good. If successfully fragging the other team gains you nothing, a huge element of satisfaction is lost.


                I voted no.
                I think you should work a little to get back to your team.
                The opposing team would be in the same dilemma as yours.

                Should be interesting.