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Swearing and Cussing in UT2007

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  • Swearing and Cussing in UT2007

    Hmmm - from what I could hear the bots appear to have an "extended vocabulary" from what they had in UT2004.

    Please Epic, could you ensure that there is a client and a serverside option to remove those phrases.

    If you're running a server with 'no swearing' as one of the rules then having the bots effing and blinding isn't going to help. That rule does appear to help create a nicer atmosphere to play in for many people.

    Yes - I know it's a rated game and blah blah blah not kids blah blah - heard it all before.

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    Im sure there will be an option to disable the 'mature taunts'. Isn't there already one in UT2k4?


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      Yeah there is. And the game is a mature title. i mean the only thing i heard was shit and damn. What i dont get is why would you wanna turn it off? Is it like to strong for people's virgin ears? What i'm trying to say is if people would even buy it for there kid's or what ever they can read the back of the box. If ut2007 has voip like ut2004 the bot's cursing is the least of your worrie's. just my thought's


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        I heard, uh, "feck" as the Darkwalkers came by.


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          I think that only a client side would be the best option. I don't think you should be able to prevent other people from hearing them if they want to (server side option).


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            Some people have problems reading :|

            Originally posted by »{EID}«-Silenoz
            it's a rated game and blah blah blah not kids blah blah
            On a server where you have a no-swearing rule and the players hear swearing they're likely to swear. Hense the option of a serverside switch off in the same way you have the option for serverside taunts off in UT2004 (not that it seems to work).


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              + 1

              Server side should be an option. Plus, if the bots are dropping F-bombs (and I hope NOT) it will only encourage those who tend to use in-game text chat and VoIP as their own personal verbal toilet even more.


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                anti-swearing is a big joke imo, even in UT2004, there are servers with a text chat filter where players can still do voice taunts all the time like "Suck on this" "die bitch" and you know the rest

                What you're saying is that people will be encouraged to swear if they hear it, come on now

                idd I heard it all before
                and yes it's a mature title
                and yes you blow up people, which means you can allow extreme mayhem but swearing is out of the question, this sounds like too much hypocrisy to me, this is not TV

                just my $0.02


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                  Originally posted by Entil'Zha
                  just my $0.02
                  Sorry your check bounced.


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                    I love how you think it's perfectly acceptable to blow people to pieces with rockets and riddle their bodies with bullets but God help you if theres SWEARING! HOW VULGAR! BAN THIS FILTH!


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                      Originally posted by Monster w/21 Faces
                      I love how you think it's perfectly acceptable to blow people to pieces with rockets and riddle their bodies with bullets but God help you if theres SWEARING! HOW VULGAR! BAN THIS FILTH!
                      Yeah thats why I have never understood this censoring language crap.


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                        And even more so... by disabling swearing serverside how is that going to stop the player from swearing on 1000+ other servers.
                        This will only make the server admin in question happy so he can say look I have a cussingfree server.

                        Yes for a client option, so you can turn it off for your kids (and let them slaughter cussfree)
                        No for a serverside option which is pointless


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                          A serverside option isnt needed. The game is rated M for a reason. If you have to worry azbout johnny 12 year old in your server and the bots are sayying F*CK then that is a problem of his parents buying the game and letting him play it. I personally have all taunts diabled because i find them really annoying and distracting. Serverside controls are nothing more than another way a mserver admin can make the game less fun. For the first few months of 2k7 i will have taunts on and i will be damned if some self righteous server admin will tell me i cant have a bot say F*CK or SH*T or DAMN. It is MY choice to listen to the bots. Not some server admins.


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                            Originally posted by Tenspeed
                            Yeah thats why I have never understood this censoring language crap.
                            Everytime someone appeals to a ban, we get the same question. People clearly dont understand why we enforce these rules untill they have actually played a game at our servers. And since I can fully understand a lot of you wont actually do that to see it with your own eyes, lemme grab a quote from one of those ban appeal threads.

                            I also read the rules and I wonder though why there's non-swearing rule on this server. i've heard about 'family server' but i don't agree with it since it's a violent game in which no children (that can't handle swearing) should be allowed (that's my idea of it).
                            Example (this happens just a few minutes ago):

                            --- Log started on 2006/7/25 23:27:52
                            === Onslaught.ONSOnslaughtGame ONS-ChainsIsle2 ResSltMut,PowerCoreVolumeControl,ONSPlusMutator,Mu tNoSuperWeapon,MutUTAN
                            883.08 CHAT +plus+ gg
                            884.39 CHAT Salami.T32 o/
                            889.02 CHAT -=KillingCobra=- scheisse
                            899.90 CHAT -=KillingCobra=- lol
                            1050.75 CHAT Mr_Miyagi.T32 waxup all
                            1086.05 CHAT +plus+ gg
                            1087.36 CHAT <===>_Barbarian gg
                            1088.89 CHAT K.nikul gg
                            1089.43 CHAT Th1rt3en lolllll
                            1089.65 CHAT -=KillingCobra=- lol
                            1096.25 CHAT Salami.T32 like that map..
                            1096.30 CHAT RockeTLobsteR my ass hurts
                            1099.78 CHAT Mr_Miyagi.T32 did we win?
                            1104.79 CHAT STRIKER_GER_2006 na endlich ma nen sieg
                            1105.12 CHAT -=KillingCobra=- aaaa
                            1111.28 CHAT Reaper.T32 tmi rocketlobster
                            1113.90 CHAT -=KillingCobra=- ****
                            1121.75 CHAT TDOG gay
                            1125.07 CHAT TDOG hahah
                            1125.45 CHAT -=KillingCobra=- my ass
                            1133.51 CHAT -=KillingCobra=- lol
                            1137.43 CHAT TDOG u suck
                            1143.84 CHAT Mr_Miyagi.T32 don't swear here please
                            1149.02 CHAT -=KillingCobra=- **** u
                            1152.13 CHAT Reaper.T32 and keep it nice
                            Now, this match, just a few hours ago:

                            --- Log started on 2006/7/25 21:47:36
                            === Onslaught.ONSOnslaughtGame ONS-Nevermore-ECE-T32-ZBeta3 ResSltMut,PowerCoreVolumeControl,ONSPlusMutator,Mu tNoSuperWeapon,MutUTAN
                            40.70 TEAMCHAT Centurion 3 on manta
                            44.88 TEAMCHAT omegaFanta.T32 aye
                            54.63 TEAMCHAT Centurion the last drives
                            117.41 CHAT Xenogear first time playing this map
                            143.05 CHAT Templier_FR lut / hi
                            163.97 CHAT Han[OSS] aw not again
                            176.58 CHAT Lucid_Angel-TLSC hi
                            180.48 CHAT Templier_FR hi
                            182.95 CHAT Han[OSS] hi
                            195.22 CHAT Apocalypse jesus, i am so out of practise
                            207.69 CHAT Lucid_Angel-TLSC hate this map
                            224.31 CHAT [RN]Steve CIAO NAVARRO!
                            230.84 CHAT Apocalypse 'nother server?
                            236.32 CHAT Lucid_Angel-TLSC please
                            239.67 CHAT Apocalypse kk
                            250.68 CHAT Apocalypse lol arthur, looking for a nother server now
                            262.87 CHAT King_Arthur
                            274.95 CHAT Lucid_Angel-TLSC looking for another server arthur
                            287.33 CHAT King_Arthur no problem, i'll follow again
                            354.93 CHAT Han[OSS] uneven again
                            470.11 CHAT Han[OSS] wth
                            479.05 CHAT [RN]Steve CIAO NAVARRO!
                            482.17 CHAT ElNavarro ciao
                            517.29 CHAT [RN]Steve FINALMENTE ROSSO!
                            572.86 CHAT Han[OSS] ok.. I give up.. just win already
                            926.56 TEAMCHAT Centurion 6
                            991.02 CHAT Han[OSS] nice shot
                            996.22 CHAT Caliban.T32 evening all!
                            999.36 CHAT Woolly_Sheep hi
                            1000.53 CHAT StuManchu.T32 hi
                            1000.80 CHAT Han[OSS] hi
                            1001.30 CHAT Centurion lo
                            1001.52 CHAT fu_ni yo
                            1019.30 CHAT omegaFanta.T32
                            1183.83 TEAMCHAT Caliban.T32 to 4
                            1204.69 CHAT Han[OSS] amazing.. useless exit button
                            1329.05 CHAT Caliban.T32 gg
                            1332.07 CHAT Centurion gg
                            1333.27 TEAMCHAT omegaFanta.T32 gg team
                            1334.31 CHAT Templier_FR chiotte
                            1335.40 CHAT [RN]Steve GG
                            1335.65 CHAT iiizootiii gg
                            1338.51 CHAT SyberMile gg
                            1341.19 CHAT StuManchu.T32 gg played blue
                            1342.29 CHAT ElNavarro grande steve
                            1345.64 CHAT Fluffy_BunnyT32A at least i killed cent a few times
                            1349.56 CHAT StuManchu.T32 and red
                            1349.72 CHAT Centurion lol
                            1350.65 CHAT [RN]Steve GRANDE RUBIO! :-d
                            1365.24 CHAT Centurion i got u the first time
                            1367.15 CHAT [RN]Steve NE FAI UN'ALTRA ?
                            1369.33 CHAT Fluffy_BunnyT32A muh
                            1373.60 CHAT Centurion haha :P
                            1375.08 CHAT Fluffy_BunnyT32A didnt count
                            1387.28 CHAT Centurion count for 2
                            1390.06 CHAT Centurion :P
                            1402.04 CHAT Centurion what a heat
                            1407.29 CHAT Caliban.T32 bye, off to TAM
                            1408.22 CHAT Fluffy_BunnyT32A yup
                            1411.17 CHAT Fluffy_BunnyT32A cya
                            1413.67 CHAT Centurion tam?
                            1415.86 CHAT omegaFanta.T32 heat + muskitos here
                            1415.97 CHAT Centurion mmmmm
                            1426.26 CHAT Xenogear XD
                            1426.91 CHAT omegaFanta.T32 lot of m
                            1426.97 CHAT Centurion aaaaa muskitos
                            --- Log closed on 2006/7/25 22:9:18
                            In your honest opinion. which match seems like the players had more fun?


                            • #15
                              I'm encouraging bots swearing. People will always swear, no matter what. And what'd be cooler than a bot replying to Johnny-12-year-old's 'F*ck you!' with 'Well, f*ck you too!'