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Why would necris be using the same hand held weps as axon if they got diff tech?

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    Originally posted by Euxeus View Post
    Because it's a game. The "necris" don't really exist, go to sleep and stop worrying.
    So logically consistent the necris vehicles don't really exist in game too.
    That's as logical as the statement in post 4.
    There are no necris handheld weapons because of balance.
    Therefore the necris vehicles are there for inbalance.

    Go to sleep.


      i have custom character i want my own wepz y0


        Originally posted by phalanx View Post
        the darwalker isn't, a gun that fires darkwalker beams would be though
        cant sleep, necris are camping my bed
        You could go tell them to get a tent and put it up in the middle of nowhere like everybody else. :P

        *imagines the five main Necris singing 'Were all going on a summer holoday!' with Loque sounding frightningly like vivian from The Young Ones.(old comedy show in the UK)*

        OK bad idea even the thought of thats frightening.


          Didn't bother reading pages 2 and 3, but I'll post my 2 cents.

          The weapons aren't from Axon just so you know. Read the bios of each weapon, they're made from separate independent companies. So there's no "team" affiliation they have. They're just useful, so every faction uses them. The only thing I found to be made by Axon is the sniper rifle, but whatever. No need to nitpick.


            although we could use some other weapons.

            axon are campers


              its a videogame? does it matter? LOL


                Rumple at Hedsteem is a Gun Trader and made his own weapons and sold them to the Axon and Necris, both.