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Previous UT mutators & is "UT" appropriate?

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    Previous UT mutators & is "UT" appropriate?

    Well in 2k4 there is that 2k3 style mutator, and the "Classic UT" although not that great.

    I hope UT07 has it.

    After this weeks trailer, I think the game looks absolutley amzing, totally Unreal.Just seems like the tilte should be Unreal Warfare IMO, not UT.

    It seems like somthing almost toally different.I noticed a dash in there, kinda like WarPath.The movement seems alot slower and mudane.Now I think the game is going to be awesome, but in a totally new way.

    I just hope we have the mutators to play the old ways: UT99, UT03/04 etc. maybe even some UC2 style.

    Did anyone else notice the dash?

    I'm thinking of this game alomost as Unreal Warfare instead of UT07.
    Anybody see that as well?

    Going from UT99 to 2k3-4 felt like about the same change thats going to happen with UT2007 which im actually proud of. I mean I love dodge jumping but when I get UT2007 and see a mutator for 2k3-4 style of dodging i probably wont turn it on or use it that much at all for one reason(Ive already done it).

    I dont see it becoming Unreal WareFare, if you ask me id say theres probably just as much into TDM,DM,CTF as there is into Warefare.


      The latest trailer emphasized Warfare. And an earlier set of footage showed DM. But yes, Warfare is being shown off and could rightfully be a separate release. Or perhaps even a UT2007 "Vehicles" release.

      As for standard mutators, they are good for two things. Providing variety to gametypes. But also splitting the community into so many differing factions.

      As for "classic" style mutators and all that, they can never get it exactly quite like the original, so why even bother?


        I thought the game seemed quite a bit faster, esp. since the Paladin seemed to move faster than the player walking speed. I'm assuming it's to keep up with the extra large maps and Hover Boards that move three times walking speed.

        I do hope they have the mutators you are talking about, with UT and UT2k4 models + graphically enhanced weapon skins.

        And I think most would agree that UT should have had a title instead of a number, but it's too late to change that now. Lets just hope the name doesn't influence the game's popularity at all.


          Some mutators are great but lets keep the lame mutators off the servers this time ok? IE: The Big Head Mutator just for starters lol


            Quite a bump there...