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    Yes, always kept noticing "Player1 has moved to the red team", ".. to the blue team", "... to the red team".

    They should also get another player for trailers, this one barely jumped\dodged\shock combo'd, etc :P


      Originally posted by Magwa
      I am worried i had trouble seeing the players ,seperating them from the backround//please i pray i am wrong...and the vehicles are the same color as the rocks ,ground,backround, please is it that hard to color a vehicle and seperate moving things from rocks and stationary objects??....
      Are you kidding look at the backs of the players on the blue team in the turrets and vehicles, their armor glows blue like something out'a Tron!

      This Trailer sends shivers down my spine! Everytime I see the Leviathan pull forward into the battle with the Paladin aiding it as it seieges gets me every time!


        I wonder what the mantas where doing below the darkwalker. It looked like they where stuck or something.
        I'm glad the vehicles just explode and don't dance around anymore what made them very unpredictable in UT2004.

        Great video although I need to find some codecs ( sound was stuttering).


          Originally posted by 13XBMSPEC
          Are you kidding look at the backs of the players on the blue team in the turrets and vehicles, their armor glows blue like something out'a Tron!
          The players allso have lights in their armour so hiding in the dark will be harder.

          Nice vid, I will go back to play ons exclusively again I guess. =) Seems to be a lot more vehicular fire power compared to 2k4... scary.


            Originally posted by Scylla
            Note: I haven't read all the posts

            Did anyone else notice that the guy had god mode on?

            this is just a trailer and MUST be spectacural and amazing. It's like a movie trailer, you shouldnt found all movie trailer stuff in the movie itself. Too much people writing comments about gameplay just seeing the trailer.

            Trailer, people, not game footage. So, the trailer needs to have a good movie-cut and include all features that you never see in a game out there.

            So, it's amazing to see giants stuff to shoot against, and it's fantastic look the sun when the music changes, and yes, to do this you need godlike mode... I never see the movie first star, die in the trailer... then, the player can't die in this trailer too...



              Nice find!
              A$$ kickin!


                Originally posted by ShredPrince
                Probably your monitor!

                CRT or LCD?

                Nice trailer, the game looks fantastic graphically,
                but like a bore to play an old fashion DM..
                As long as there is a UT2004 style mutator, I'll be happy
                sorry it is NOT the equipment..
                Asus A8N-SLI Premium
                AMD 4400 Toledo 64x2
                2 gigs of CMS corsair DDR 400
                2 74 gig Western Digital Raptors sata 10,000 rpm striped raid array
                Asus 7800 GTX Vid card X 2 in sli
                Sony DRU 800 dual layer DVD -CD burner
                sony DVD rom
                Asus Vento Case
                Turbo cooler 510 watt power suply
                Zalman 9500 CPU cooler
                Nec 97F 19 inch CRT at 1024x768 85HRTZ refresh

                sorry also i have the HD version of the trailer....



                  Great video.... I take those were the Necris version of the hell bender?



                    I read nothing about the chair features?


                      Yeah, thanks Epic. Keep up the good work.


                        Bit dissapointed by the trailer. Still they show nothing then ons and warfare. I am more interested in the other gametypes. O well thats prolly cause its more interesting to show vehicles etc.

                        It looks nice I wonder wether it also plays nice.


                          im wide awake and didnt even have my coffee yet - best good morning this grrl could ask for!

                          would be nice to see more gametypes played but every bit of ut2007 screentime is happy time for me ... looks like this is from the same play session that we saw in that interview footage a little while back, but better put together and its great to have the high quality version to look at. the models are looking good to me, have to watch a few more times now


                            Wow ty for the HD download... but you made my computer cry when it saw all the gooey eye candy it will need to render


                              Wow, it's pretty damned awesome. The Levi looks sweet and I love the location of the map itself, the snow looks like snow, water looks great, very nice lighting.

                              Only thing I kinda doubt is the taking-damage screenflash effect. Looks like it might be really distracting, but then again, you'll definitely notice when you're being hit.


                                Wow! I like the fonts... so sexy!