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Weapon idea : Bot launcher (In-game Bot generator and tweaker)

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    Weapon idea : Bot launcher (In-game Bot generator and tweaker)

    Excuse me for a continuous post. First of all, I like this MOD.

    "Sentinel" Automatic Cannon

    This is the weapon MOD which deploys Automatic Cannon to the map.
    To deploy a wide variety of Automatic Cannons is very fun.
    It is very enjoyable to consider the optimal location and cannon type.
    It seems the construction of my own army. There is pleasure like the strategy game.

    Is it possible to apply the concept and operation of these cannons to Bots?

    Player generates Bots by Bot launcher. (It consumes some ammo.)

    When the generated Bot is dead, they can not respawn automatically. (important!)

    When the player shots generated bot by using "bot tweak gun",
    Players can strengthen the bot and instructing the action in a variety of ways. (It also consumes some ammo.)

    AI Enhancement (Novice to Godlike).
    Additional weapons and armors and items.
    Transformation function to the Titan, self-destruct function.
    License for operating vehicles or weapons.
    And more...

    I've played this MOD idea in my head. It should probably enjoyable.
    Players will enjoy the bustling WAR and VCTF even in small number of people. (I think it is suitable for 2016.)
    When various kinds of Bots appears, behavioral patterns of Bot will also be diverse.

    Thank you for listening to my fantasy.

    It would require a lot of work. It's a really complex idea. But I really like that. Initially reminds me of the AI in Titanfall which you can hack to fight for you.


      Thank you for sympathy.
      To imagine the interesting UT3MOD idea is my recent hobby.

      By the way, I have downloaded your amazing Mutator for Bots at Github.
      I tested it on my server and it worked superbly.

      It seems automatically adjust the number of Bot depending on each map.
      This function is unprecedented in UT3MODs.
      I am always grateful for your amazing work.