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Online playable "custom weapon spawner" with random function.

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    Online playable "custom weapon spawner" with random function.

    Hi, a lot of great custom weapon already exists in UT3.
    Now, I request a mutator for "their appearing method."

    I know several methods for appearing "random custom weapons" to the map.
    I tried these three on my server.


    2.Warlord's Random Drop


    But they were unsuccessful on multiplay in my test.
    When a custom weapon has been spawning, big lag occurs during the game.
    The lag has occurred all three Mutators

    In this state, players can't play comfortably. (Although players are very few in my server...)
    I want to appear a few custom weapons from a large amount of weapon list at random.

    I think "at random from huge list" is the most fun spawning method of custom weapons for me!
    Do you have any good way?

    I was recently challenged to the realization of this dream by combining existing Mutator and simple DIY Mutators.

    The combination of my tried are these.
    1.Warlord's Random Drop (This Mutator will drop the custom weapon randomly.)
    2.DIY initial weapon add Mutator (This Mutator sets all "drop-scheduled custom weapons" to players initial weapons.)
    3.DIY ammo tweak Mutator (This Mutator changes the initial ammo of "drop-scheduled custom weapon that became the initial weapon" to 0.)

    My opinion is this.
    The lag seems to occur when the custom weapon loading occurs during the match.
    So, weapon loading should must be completed before the match starts.
    Accordingly, I gave out "custom weapon with 0 ammo" to players beforehand.

    But this method was a failure. Hateful lags did not disappear.
    "Custom weapon with 0 ammo" seems not loaded at the match starts.

    This seems to be a tricky problem for me...
    I have an additional experiment.

    When I changed "custom weapon's initial ammo" to 1, the lag did not occur.
    So, my conclusion in current test is this.
    In order to complete custom weapon loading before the match starts, players must have "Ammo containing weapons" at the match starts.
    This time, I was robbed ammos from players before the match starts.
    Therefore, Custom weapons loading (lag) occurs at the moment of weapons drop.

    Now, I have a idea based on this view.
    It might work if I give the delay in timing to remove ammos.

    Situation of my ideal is this.
    There are ammos in custom weapon at the match stars.
    Then, after the match stars, ammos immediately disappear from their weapons.
    If such a mechanism, players should get custom weapons which contains ammos only at the match starts.

    This is my code to Ammo to 0.(The number of weapons is omitted. Actual is more numerous.)
    I want to add a delay in the execution of this process.
    Do you have any idea? Please tell me if it is simple.
    I am just a MOD player and collector, not a decent coder.
    class Ammo0 extends UTMutator; 
    function bool IsRelevant(Actor Other) 
    UTWeapon(Other).AmmoCount = 0;
    UTWeapon(Other).AmmoCount = 0;
    return super.IsRelevant(Other); 


      Hmm. Don't know what you are trying to do.


        I considered again about this. Ammo-related operations might be unnecessary.

        It should be enough only these two processes.
        1. Give "all custom weapons of drop scheduled" to players before the match starts.
        2. Deprive their custom weapons immediately after the match starts.


          Tentatively, I realized this dream.
          This time, I used a completely different method.

          The Mutator Weeks by ambershee

          This MutatorPack contains surprising Mutator named "Surprise Weapon Factory".
          "Surprise Weapon Factory" spawns weapon on the weapon base at randomly.

          Normally, this Mutator does not compatible with custom weapons, but I was modified this Mutator a little.
          Now, I was able to spawning many custom weapons on the weapon base at randomly.

          In addition to it, there is no problem about the lag.
          This Mutator spawns weapon only before the match starts.
          "The spawning of a new kind weapon" does not occur during the game.
          Therefore, it does not occur loading of the new weapon files during the game. Accordingly, the lug also not occur.

          Thus, I am able to enjoy "combination of different custom weapons" every game.
          This result is different from the original plan, but this is also happy for me.


            Please can you upload your result?


              Please use it if you are interested in this.

              But, please note that this is very very sloppy modification by my novice work.
              Modification is only "changing the total weapons number" and "adding custom weapon classes".

              I modified the code for custom weapons in my UT3 server.
              Since a lot of maniac weapons are listed up, this may not work properly in other environments... Sorry.

              I took a video of online play with bots.

              There was an unhappy design in this Mutator for me.
              This Mutator erases default weapons from the map.

              It is not happy for me. Because I love diversity of weapons.
              Therefore, I used this Mutator with "Warlord's Random Drop".

              Now, custom weapon has been spawned on the weapon base.
              And, default weapons are generated along with the corpse.
              Diversity of weapons is not impaired!


                Thanks ^_^.