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Fix rig simple minecraft character pls

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    Fix rig simple minecraft character pls

    The first time i tried this it took ten minutes and it was almost acceptable, but the legs were too long, they protruded into the body. SO I modifed the z-axis on the legs (made them shorter) and now the whole rig is messed up.
    - Well after another 4 attempts and completely re-doing everything for 3 hours, it is still messed up, infact it is now worse than before.

    Please can someone fix this simple cube map rig

    Download Link:
    Original File:

    • Minecraft character Steve [psk, upk, textures, config ]etc
    • The exact same character model can be used for the Zombie, but you still must have separate upks so i have included a duplicate example of this

    This is part of my minecraft project re-release (contains a nice MCraft package for making stuff), please don't release separately

    Many Thanks

    note to self:
    If it takes 10 minutes and works but is not perfect, you can still have more time enjoying it in that state than spending 4 hrs trying to fix it only to fail

    Edit: OTHER LINKS :
    Steam version (Valveengine):