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    UT3 Creative mod hatsune miku

    Hello not sure if this is right on the site but speaking of UT3 Mods to improve, try to improve the materials and mod for the game - for those who doubt or criticize (have to defend as fans UT3) find the good stuff mods and to improve, spent years using Unreal Engine and including make a theme that is supportive to the community UT3 Mod but this is worse.

    UT3 mod valuation examples with reference to other mods X Games
    users either support or negative reviews

    I like UT3 and publisher, is fantastic learning techniques to improve the mod and gave me problems the compiler but by little progresses - it seems unfair that UT3 is out of the most current mod for the gamer community and otaku, Hatsune Miku example unreal engine or anime skins

    I am familiar with this

    Click image for larger version

Name:	GameViewMod1.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	GameViewMod2.jpg
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    can find more games with reference to these mod , the question is who do not like the UT3 mod miku ?
    try giving everything custom parts - facial animations - custom sound - physical - custom materials, but the majority is not happy with the result

    My mod ut3 miku and possible UT4 (as you can see miku cannot miss in unreal engine 3 and 4) I'm preparing to transfer to a ps3 UT3 miku

    Click image for larger version

Name:	UEmiku.jpg
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    what is wrong? helps improve opiniĆ³n, ideas that suggest
    would be a pity mode is canceled for lack of interest

    Would love to see it in UT4
    I personnaly find those mod Awesome. Nice models, Fantastic animations etc.
    little weird to use because in the last one, miku family got too many part : in game you always end up with miku 1st arms and miku voice (example : I love Haku but still play haku from the first version ), you should do more family
    My game can't load every models since there are too many too. all of that together and in the end I'm not playing the last version

    Ps : Miku would be awesome in Shootmania.


      yes yes it is true I was wondering about the delay Console load is not as pc which I will have to make clear and new account start working with a new mod but more optimized which can run well on pc and ps3 does not care that this and once I have enough to work with UE3 experiencia anime and I'm doing cambios to simplify the mod.Took advantage of the toon shader for this occasion with relief maps worked better this time will simplify the custom parts like physics - I plan to make the mod run well on both platforms which is crucial that this mod is optimized best

      ps: family code = a custom arms but doubles the data size for each arm and even UT3 is that thing took him to charge


      Characters=(CharName="Miku Hatsune",Description="<Strings:>",CharID="MikuAC", bLocked="false",Faction="UNREAL X ACTOR - SKaa3w",PreviewImageMarkup="<Images:MikuAC.Texture s.Id>",CharData=(FamilyID="MIKK",HeadID="MikuAC",H elmetID="A",TorsoID="MikuAC",ShoPadID="A",bHasLeft ShoPad=false,bHasRightShoPad=false,ArmsID="MikuAC" ,ThighsID="MikuAC",BootsID="MikuAC"),AIData=(Tacti cs=3.0, StrafingAbility=1.0, Aggressiveness=0.8, Accuracy=0.9,FavoriteWeapon="UTGame.UTWeap_ShockRi fle"))

      Parts / not = MikuAC or A,B,C,etc ////// Family arms FPS1/PFS3 = MIKK
      what is not possible is to match the custom parts with the family of the arm ( that's why most do not spent on custom parts for each custom arm FPS ) and most used mods without seeing the detail that you can even see in gmod these faults because the FPS are not the same as the third person in EU4 this has a solution UE3 but not