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UC2 characters for UT3

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    UC2 characters for UT3

    I have a request if anyone is interested. I am wondering if there are any custom character modders out there that are interested in doing some UC2 characters (models, skins and sounds) for UT3. I enjoyed playing UC2 on Xbox. It was one of my favourite Unreal games. Unfortunately there is no pc version and I don't have the game anymore.

    Characters I would like to see from UC2 recreated for UT3:

    Necris Lauren and Brock
    Torgr (A skaarj that looks a little different)

    im waiting on a guide from euchreplayer23 on rigging characters, but these are only single parts. If i can rig a character with separate parts then i will try to model some. atm something strange happens with every one i do
    Keltar shows a nice method using splines and the original character drawings. (3D modelling is basically just adults playing "dot-to-dot" only make the dots aswel)

    I mentioned the other day that i bought an Original XBox and all unreal games for like £40, i just haven't had chance to actually play Unreal Championship 1 & 2.
    ^maybe check ebay or something if you want the same
    I can upload a play through and some videos if it helps the content creation process, but i imagine this stuff is already available online. along with images of characters etc.

    Can any of these be made by Re-skins?


      Maybe this would help. On Mediafire there is a Source files from both UC1 and UC2 especially extracted from both the UC1 and UC2 original Xbox discs. You can download the source


        I am not really interested in getting the original xbox anymore. I got it on the xbox360 for a while a played it for a while before trading it in again cause the 360 is backward compatible. It is just a shame they didn't make a pc version with an editor. I will take a look at the source files but I am not really keen on doing custom character models myself especially if you have to start from scratch. I prefer doing custom maps and weapons instead.