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Use Recommended Player Count [Mutator]

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    Use Recommended Player Count [Mutator]

    Original Thread Request:
    • Request for a mutator that restricts the min/ max player counts to those set by the level designer (Use Map Bot Count)
    • As featured in UT2003/UT2004
    • Click image for larger version

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    • Set Ai/ Bot number to the default Map number, or Set Roster
    • For online purposes this would be good if it capped and sent additional players to spectate.

    • Preferably to be done by someone capable
    • Where should i start looking for the code for this?

    • I think it is important to adhere to the player count recommended by the level designer.
    • The Previous Unreal Tournament games had this feature and it makes a really big difference.
    • Personally i like to adhere strictly to this default number, i am aware not many other people do. Maybe this would/ would have helped.

    • Post #2here for Mutator/ Source (see below)


    Credits to RattleSN4K3

    Start your game with the following option (command line):
    Also to mention, if you start a game without the NumPlay option, it will also use the recommended player count.
    Another thing, AutoNumBots does not work if VsBots or NumPlay is set.

    If you would need a mutator, just begin with this:

    // RecommendedPlayersMutator.uc
    // Description: Mutator which sets the desired player count to the value which is given by each map for Min- and Max-Player
    //              If players join after the player count is already reached, they will be switched to spectator automatically
    // Credits: RattleSN4K3
    class RecommendedPlayersMutator extends UTMutator;
    var bool bAutoNumBotsSet;
    var int MapPlayerCount;
    function bool AllowBecomeActivePlayer(PlayerController P)
        local bool ret;
        local int playercount;
        // Always call super.
        // If we don't call the super, AllowBecomeActivePlayer will not get called
        // for other mutators. Some mutators rely and this call
        ret = super.AllowBecomeActivePlayer(P);
        // Get total player count including travelling players
        playercount = WorldInfo.Game.GetNumPlayers(); // + WorldInfo.Game.NumBots;
        // only check if the map player count is already set
        // this might be the case for the initial listen server player
        if (bAutoNumBotsSet && playercount >= MapPlayerCount)
            return false;
        return ret;
    function ModifyLogin(out string Portal, out string Options)
        local int playercount;
        // Get total player count including travelling players
        playercount = WorldInfo.Game.GetNumPlayers();// + WorldInfo.Game.NumBots;
        // check if the player can only join spectator at the moment
        if (bAutoNumBotsSet && playercount >= MapPlayerCount)
            // remove any forced specatator flag as user might join by "SpectatorOnly=0", which could be a exploit
            class'UTGame'.static.RemoveOption(Options, "SpectatorOnly");
            // add back the forced "SpectorOnly" flag
            Options $= "?SpectatorOnly=1";
        super.ModifyLogin(Portal, Options);
    function NotifyLogin(Controller NewPlayer)
        local UTGame UTG;
        UTG = UTGame(WorldInfo.Game);
        if (!bAutoNumBotsSet && UTG != none)
            // only process once
            bAutoNumBotsSet = true;
            // remove options which might get in conflict with the workflow
            UTG.RemoveOption(WorldInfo.Game.ServerOptions, "NumPlay");
            UTG.RemoveOption(WorldInfo.Game.ServerOptions, "bAutoNumBots");
            // Add back the postive-value for the Auto-num-bots flag
            UTG.ServerOptions $= "?bAutoNumBots=1";
            // Update the desired player count which adds bots in the next timer event
            MapPlayerCount = UTG.LevelRecommendedPlayers(); // defaults to 1
            UTG.DesiredPlayerCount = MapPlayerCount;


      Legend. Thank you for that. i had a look through the ut2003 code but couldn't find anything like this..
      i will see if i can make a slider for it and a UI Scene, that might be nice.

      • would you care to discuss your thoughts on this aspect of keeping the player count to the recommended count? (thinking about the new UT )
      • For me it's extremely important from both a gameplay and a level design aspect, it really makes a difference playing the UT Ladders with the correct player count.

      p.s. i compiled it and it does indeed work beautifully.


        Originally posted by TKBS View Post
        would you care to discuss your thoughts on this aspect of keeping the player count to the recommended count? (thinking about the new UT )
        Should be takin into account for instant action games (singleplayer, bot matches). Restricting players from player if a desired player number is exceeded is a bad idea.