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Random map cycle ieda

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    Random map cycle ieda

    Has anyone tried to make a mutator that can randomly que up any map from any game type? Maybe even have it customizable by game type so you can config bots differently between deathmatch ,CTF ,ect.

    God I wish you can just jump to a random map the normal map cycle is boring ><

    MapMixer does that already.
    Setup a maplist in advanced game (Create/Advanced/maplist tab) put in it the maps you want to play in the gametypes you want to play them, save the maplist and select it in the first tab. Select random map start and random cycle and you're done.

    You can setup specific mutators for each map, specific bots and specific game rules by selecting a map and clicking on the Edit button at the bottom of the maplist tab. Just fiddle around and you'll find your way easily. The map specific settings you select will override the generic ones you chose in the first tab.

    Once in-game use the keys you've set up in the Setting/MapMixer menu to cycle through maps.

    Hope that was what you were looking for .


      Thank you very much!!!
      Any idea if its compilable with classic maps mega pack?


        I didn't heard of any map or game type that doesn't work with it so far.
        It's best used with custom maps. I'm using it with around 400 custom maps and it works fine.

        Be sure to check the readme as there is some really important information in it to get it going.


          Great its idiot proof just what I need!!!!! Thank you!!!