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Mokara, Makareth, and Nebri for UT3

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    Mokara, Makareth, and Nebri for UT3

    Well since I'm reminding and asking about Faraleth for
    UT3 too much, I had to stop reminding people for that and
    move on to something else.

    So my idea is having the female Gen Mo'kai characters
    converted from UT2004 to UT3. These characters include
    Mokara, Makreth, and Nebri. I always love those girls.
    Oh that includes their team colors. It would've been fun with those
    GMK girls in UT3, well the thing is that I'm NOT good at converting models lol.

    So here's the link to find the GMK girls (they're part of the Fire Storm team) :

    Oh, if you're interested converting those three characters from UT2004
    to UT3, give me feedback. I need someone who knows how to
    convert UT2004 models to UT3 well. The reason why I posted this thread is
    because I wanted to have those GMK girls in UT3 so bad! Faraleth gets to
    be in UT3, but not Mokara, Makreth, and Nebri! They need at least join

    So anyways guys, give me feedback and I'll see y'all later.


    There are already these characters..... not all, only:


    DL Link :!IEYSSCjL!bt0krV...8Iy--hukQCqRdg

    They can already serve as base.

    I am completely ignorant of the manufacturing of characters, maps, etc... on UT3, but maybe you should ask Skaa3w he knows how to make it.

    Good luck !


      Nebri is a little different compared to Faraleth.
      Makreth and Mokara haven't been in UT3.... yet.

      I'll ask him if he can convert Mokara and Makreth to UT3,
      hopefully they won't be walking and sounding like krall lol .

      And possibly Nebri. I've always wanted to see them in UT3!


        I have a feeling that my GMK girls for UT3
        idea is better than my VG Cats idea lol.

        I mean these characters are from UT2003
        and UT2004, it'll be nice having them in
        UT3 after all.


          Hmm, haven't got pm from Skaa3w ....yet.
          Still want the sexy GMK girls lol.


            Here's the portraits of the characters I'm talking about:


            Click image for larger version

Name:	Makreth.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	67.4 KB
ID:	3250690

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Nebri.jpg
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Size:	76.7 KB
ID:	3250691

            ****, I don't know how to make the image itself appear instead of
            link text.
            Well I added to more portraits and still don't know how to make
            an image appear on my post. I think I did but not
            Mokara's portrait.


              I send SKaa3w a pm and he said that he will convert Mokara, Makreth, and
              Nebri from UT2004 to UT3, but don't know when though.


                SKaa3w accepted my gen mo'kai girls request, but using the mutation with the ceph model from
                Crysis which they're nothing compared to the gen mo'kai.

                I also reminded him to add Mokara, Makreth, and Nebri breast physics along
                with breastplates, and their tail wag in motion. (yes it's weird)


                  Tell him that if he makes the body, I'll make the heads

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                    Sounds good Kelt'ar! Btw SKaa3w hasn't been in Epic Games in a while.