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does anyone have CTF-AlexiasPlayhouse ?

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    does anyone have CTF-AlexiasPlayhouse ?

    when I used to play ut3 online over a year ago one of the servers had a conversion of CTF-AlexiasPlayhouse ,

    could anyone point me to a link to download it please .

    im intrested in looking at how the mapper overcome the steepness of the ramp leading into either base for ut3 ,
    if i converted some maps the slopes are to steep for ut3 physics , like ctf-2 pyramids has slopes leading from the water route into base that are 2 steep for ut3.

    ive got a couple of maps almost ready to release CTF-Nayr and a conversion of CTF-RoAValley
    these should be released in about a week :
    Tks in advance

    Looks like this wasn't a publicly released map. Some old school DM players could own that map. But...
    The maps could have used the Ladder Volume (or the custom ladder volume