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Duke Nukem - Hollywood Holocaust

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    Duke Nukem - Hollywood Holocaust

    Anyone have a finished version of this map? I know there was the Hollywood Holocaust 2008 map, but that's just a fraction of the total map. there is no indoor space. can be found here:

    I actually tried to use the Unreal Ed conversion program to convert the UT 2K4 version of the map to the new Unreal Editor for use in UT3, but some of the mistakes through the conversion process were a little too difficult for me to fix.

    Also, if anyone ever wanted to make a duke weapon, i've always been a huge fan of the Plasma Cannon form Duke Nukem 64
    Don't forget to cook for PS3. Show it some love!

    Duke always deserves a bump. I'm surprised there isn't any real good Duke 3D remakes...there are some great Quake remakes.