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Carackters - Map pack JurassicparK III ?

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    Carackters - Map pack JurassicparK III ?


    can maby make anyone a Carakters Pack with Jurassic3 Carackters ?

    a picture

    mutch manny more pictures

    and maby some carachters from other Jurassic Park parts... The Hunters and so on...

    it is give so mutch moddels over velociraptor 3d model

    or cool TiRex Model over google

    Soundeffects.. hey, 3 Jurassic park parts and why nt ripping out these sounds direcktly from the movi
    to have an original crying, calling and angry sound from the Velos' the same from Doc, chidren ans other
    peoples.. may be a hard moddeling work, but if it is finish so it is a cool Jurassicpack
    and maby can use this as Skin and as AI in the Game...

    happy Modeling/Skinning

    * If "euchreplayer23" taught or helped someone to learn how to rig characters, then 'said' person could* do it themselves.
    - this could be me - or you or anyone else-

    - Instead i think " euchreplayer23" wishes to have a "ut3 Character Monopoly" and be the sole provider - [which is lame in my opinion]
    - maybe releasing characters will be seen as stepping on his toes.

    - There are tutorials for this, Geodav is well known for providing tutorials on this stuff.

    - Also -

    Jurassic rage mod includes velociraptor characters

    A quick guide:
    - take the ut3 skeleton; import it into 3d program,
    - merge your chosen character
    - scale to fit skeleton
    - skin/ wrap
    - export with something like unactorx
    -import into ut3 + import the animset

    - oh and Prehistoric creatures are not as easy to 'rig' as normal characters that already fit a "typical human skeleton"- so do not expect a creature like this to be easy / you need an experienced rigger probably
    ** & you spelt "characters" wrong!!


      the models in the mod not so realy cool, there fint in the net over oggole pictures
      better 3D Veloraptor for making Model like i think.. imho... and the Raptor and TiRex
      on the mod.. rely, it knicked and hanging over every and have not relay cool physic..

      i bet you and other modeler/Skinner can make a better Job.. relay..
      more naturly look and better animating.. only thifing out of a other. bäh i do it.pfhh from
      an other mod taking fastly outside it is not a realy good job.. okey, i be only a user and
      maby a littlebit skinsupporter for seaching and growing up an hostingside of Ut3skins so
      long like it stay on the freehoster, but i bet, you are can make it better as only take it
      out from an other mod make a good.. and i mean a real cool Veloraptor-Model and
      a realy cool physic and animating.. hey, common pleeeaassee
      We whant have fun and not a gumgum-Velo or Rubber-TiRex like it is in the mod..
      bahh horribles.... mean.. not good 3d model.. sees as rubber-like and moves like so
      and the Velo it is rubber like too... if see the other models like as detailed
      hey are..... wow..
      there for... more heart on it if you make it.. if you have no fun..
      so let it.. in my opinion.. it is even an suggestion/idea ..
      forcing is always something bad .... have fun and like it what you do !

      happy moddeling
      best regards