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    Here is the Tachikoma mod, as-was:

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    I found that but the link was dead

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    someone made a good start on Tachikoma, if you can find it.

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    Forgot to add that I would need it cooked for the ps3

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  • started a topic Ghost in the shell mods

    Ghost in the shell mods

    I would kill for a ghost in the shell mod for this
    if you could make

    1) Characters:
    The major

    2) Vehicles:
    Tachikomas are pretty much the only vehicles I would want built

    3) Weapons:
    CZ 100 handgun
    Mateba revolver
    Chinese micro uzi with MAC-10 style front grip,
    CZN-22 with underslung 40 mm grenade launcher
    Vektor CP1
    Heckler and Koch MP7
    Seburo C26A (fictional so you'll have to look it up)
    Seburo sniper rifle (also fictional)
    Man-portable M134 Minigun
    Milkor MGL.

    4) levels:
    The cyberspace they go into while hacking (flat but with some platforms)
    Dream island
    New Tokyo
    The scene in innocence where they are in a weird temple with the puppet master

    I know this is an enormous thing to ask for but it would be awesome to have this in the game to play with
    even if you did just some of this I would be forever grateful for it because Ghost in the shell is my favorite anime and I would love to have this in UT3

    Feel free to suggest anything or ask for clarification of what I've asked for