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jurrasic rage mod play as dinosaurs

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    Why dont make direcktly Animal Skins like Tiranosaurus, diffrent Raptors and other Animals to take later if make anyone a Real Monsterhunt Mod who can add an AI and let run as "Enemy" in Monsterteam or as Human with diffrent Skins as "Frend" or something... there for i had say, why make no one Skins from Animals there for a Monsterhunt mod and take a Animal Skin and be as Frend in Animal/Monsterfild ... i have played Jurrassic Range.. it is not like Invasion ? I dont like some Games with an InvasionMod like Mod.. it is every summon anywere in the Cards and run around witout intelligence only for shooting up.. on any place... brainless... there for i had suggestion an Monsterhunt Mod who can create a real nice long way who you can cleanup the fild from the Monsters with Triggers and some othere cool thing who can be
    I whant/ like to use an Raptorskin too, them self Raptor like in Jurrassicpark and if anyone make it..
    then with the original sounds like in ut2004

    best regards

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  • started a topic jurrasic rage mod play as dinosaurs

    jurrasic rage mod play as dinosaurs

    primal caranage and some other dinosaur game where you can play as dinosaurs and guys with guns isnt coming out for a long long time would it be possible to make the dinosaurs in this mod playable ????