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    botVote mutator

    Hi all it would be nice when player have the ability to vote that bots join in the next map or not.

    super cool it would be when its possible to add or delete bots even in game for.

    so ppl could have some practice as long there are not enough player on a server.

    ty for reading and a forward looking ty for reply

    DoS Demolition server admin

    ^^ +1 ... i'd like a mutator that lets players vote on/off for bots.


      I want such Mutator too.

      I would like to carry out addbots and killbots before a game and during a game.
      Moreover, I would like to adjust Bot skill.

      And I have one more dissatisfaction to Bots.

      During a game, skill of all the Bots is the same.
      I think that this is not interesting.

      I want many "different skilled Bots" to appear during a game.

      In an actual game, a very powerful player participates and a very weak player also participates.
      I would like to enjoy this situation by Bots.


        Just use Map Mixer 3.01 Final.... many bot options and you can alter the skills of specific bots, add and remove bots during a match, etc.


          Thank you.
          In Faction Editor of Mapmixer, I found a parameter named Skill Modifier.

          I adjusted the "Skill Modifier parameter" of each Bots.
          And my wish was accomplished.
          Bots of various skill level appeared in the game.

          Although I knew existence of Mapmixer, I did not know existence of Skill Modifier.
          Thank you for the convenient information.


            no problem bro... glad I could help.