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    Communications - Networking


    I'm looking to network with a few mappers/modders more experienced than I to get some insight into a few areas of level design and modding. I'd like to network in realtime via X-Fire/Steam chat and or Ventrilo/Teamspeak.

    Looking for a few new things to try out in level design and would like input. My home page is:
    I can be found on Steam and X-Fire via the links on my homepage. I am member of Nox gaming, our ventrilo and servers are listed here: ~ our vent is passworded. If you'd like to get in on some iCTF, our Chicago server is hot to trot. - Hit me up for the ventrilo password if you wish to hop in with us on vent.

    I will check this thread regularly to see who's responded and what ways I can get into contact with folks.

    Thanks for your time.

    - spY

    Hey admins ~ make a "Networking" post icon