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Request - A Way To Bring Back Onslaught

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    Request - A Way To Bring Back Onslaught

    I have recently started a thread discussing and proposing the future of Unreal Tournament (see my signature). In this thread I merely mentioned an idea of allowing maps to be played in more than one gametype, such as Coreper's VCTF/CTF-Sinkhole. While commenting on this idea I "muttered" the possibility of bringing back the Onslaught gametype as a vehicleless version of warfare. Of course this would only really work with small-medium sized maps, but the more I think about it the more I like it.

    So I am wondering if any of your guys that are good at mods/mutators could create something that could either a) create a mod that creates an Onslaught playlist above Warfare in the menu that then brings up a list of small-medium Warfare maps with vehicles removed, or b) a no vehicles mutator for Warfare maps (unless one already exists).

    I know this may seem like a weird and almost pointless suggestion, but when making maps I started work on a WAR-Condemned, which would have been a Warfare version of the Domination map Condemned from UT99. The power cores would have been in the two opposite alleyways, with the only power node on the rooftop. Obviously this map would not be able to support any vehicles, and as such the map would have played differently to a standard Warfare map.

    Anyway, I hope someone takes this idea seriously and takes it on, more gametypes = more choice = more enjoyment, IMO.

    Well, ONS for UT3 as been made a very long time ago.

    You can grab the MOD here


      Thanks Steve, is this a vehicleless version of Warfare or just a UT2004 style onslaught?

      I have just checked the link, and it is as I feared. IMO this mod/mutator is counterproductive (no offence to those that worked on it), and is not a vehicleless version of Warfare, which is what I hinted at in my OP.


        Ah, well, I didn't catch you wanted a vehicleless gametype, sorry

        Maybe if you ask the guy's behind the mod, they can help you out with your specific project ?