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Ps3: Toggling behindview/console?

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    Ps3: Toggling behindview/console?

    On the Ps3 version we have some limitations ingame. To spectate during games other than duel, we have to use the GOW_Spectator mod by PacerX. I for one would like to add the option to spectate first person as well though.
    The first thing I thought of to achieve this would be to see whether or not it's possible to bind a key on the keyboard ( say, tilde: ~ ) to toggle these viewmodes or bring down the console so we can type the command ourselves*
    Alternatively, a mutator that would let me spectate only in first person would be cool as well.

    Seeing I have a bit of programming experience I thought I'd look at it myself (using a tutorial), but I was wondering if anyone knew where I have to look?
    What I'm looking for first is:
    -How would I change the (default?)value for behindview from my own mutator
    -Is it possible to bind this?

    Thanks in advance

    * We have not yet figured out how to bring the console up; the only times we get it is seemingly randomly and as a glitch when keyboard and/or mouse are connected to the Playstation while the game is loading up. When it does pop up, the left and right arrow keys on the controller bring it up or down again and lose their original binds for the duration of the session (until the game is closed).

    EDIT: Ever since the first time I tried to compile a little bit of code, I now keep getting the same error every time I try to compile it, even after completely removing the variable it talks about :O Off to a good start :P