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    GoW moddifications

    Recently I have thought of an idea that i never thought of the entire time I played UT3.

    The Jurassic Rage mod was a good idea
    Credits: Roman "Switch`"Dzieciol, Jamie "EvilSmiley"Krautkremer and Alex Gibson

    If you give this alot of thought you will notice that the dinosaurs are just like locust.
    The T-Rex is very similar to the Berserker because when using the mod the T-Rex will charge you until it finally catches you and kill you, if you play GoW you will notice that the Berserker do the same thing, they both run at you and basically squish you like a bug, but the T-Rex bites you instead

    The raptors are very similar to the Locust Wretch, because they both track you down an kill you although they both jump at you until they finally kill you

    If the T-Rex appearance was changed into a Berserker and the raptors appearance change into a Locust Wretch, then the mutator would benefit the UT3 players that would like to have the GoW feel but love playing UT3