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Inside Human Body level

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    Inside Human Body level

    I'm posting a couple ideas here, but another idea I thought would be cool is a map that appears like it's inside a human body. Think Fantastic Voyage or even the opening bits of the 1998 game Requiem: Avenging Angel.

    Some cool stuff is you could have little beating hearts that would serve as jump pads, and maybe veins that you can shoot open like the fire hydrants in some levels. I could see this working even if the U3 engine isn't the best for "organic" surfaces.

    Hi dude,

    I can see many new members ask for this or that (maps, characters, etc).

    FYI, making HQ stuff required a lot of time, many months of dev, not just few hours here & there & imagine this is working with stock assets which many mappers are bored to work with in the beginning.

    Making your own custom stuff take even more time to compete.

    Above all that, this is base on the guy free time which don't get any rewards nor price nor anything except a few "thank you" after countless hours of work, pretty dull don't you think ?

    UT3 isn't UT2004 nor UT99 & it take ages to build something a bit detailed. The engine is much more capable & the majority of players want eye candy maps & stuff (including me lol) so requesting stuff based on an idea, even if the idea is great won't be taking by most mappers / moders.

    So asking this & that from a community that is almost dead is... well... unrealistic.



      Still, never hurts to ask. It's all free to post here.

      I do think the bigger problem is UT3 isn't that popular anymore. Otherwise, anything you design here would be great for job interviews and a portfolio and stuff like that, but the more time passes, the more it's literally just for fun, and yeah the work load is daunting, especially if you don't think it'll help your own career.