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Timesplitters Char and map

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    Timesplitters Char and map

    Hi! Can anyone make this character?

    Sgt. Cortez

    timesplitters future perfect

    Sgt. Cortez Rockz!

    an this map:

    Timesplitters Siberia

    This level was Awesomeness i played in it a lot of times !!!!!

    Thanks for the checkout XD

    I'm working on a remake of Streets from TS2 as a CTF map... but yeah, Sgt. Cortez would be awesome for UT3.


      Man I loved TS Future Perfect, its a pity it never got a bigger reception or notice.

      Though I would love to see a model of Future Perfect Cortez, pity being on console and all ripping the models directly from the game would be near impossible.

      Also maybe some TS FP weapons made for UT3 would be perfect some would fit in well like the..

      Plasma Autorifle: Fires red small plasma bolts that are practically almost hitscan, moderate accuracy, moderate damage, fast fire rate, fires slightly faster the more it is fired till it overheats and then has to cool down, these shots also had a random change of bouncing off walls like Flak Cannon flak.

      Si-Fi Sniper Rifle: Energy based future sniper rifle which also projects a round red sheild as its secondary which lasts a short time, sorta similar to the Paladins 2nd fire shield, but this is of course to the size to protect the wielder.

      Dispersion Gun: Sonic disruption gun with a charged up shot, imagine the impact hammer but with a short ranged attack like that of the bio-rifle...but infinitely more useful and good =P

      Harpoon Gun: Explains itself.


        I'll Make the char

        *Edit* Development Page:

        BTW Anybody got the soundboard for this guy?