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    Originally posted by b33tle View Post
    ... more physics related options with player models such as being able to blow away body parts from weapon fire and the such (while alive so not gib related) cause from what i read it cant really be done now unless you take predefined bodyparts and script them to shrink when hit or something which is poor way of handling what could be another way of opening up unforeseen possibilities, unless i read wrong ...
    And why is "shrinking" the previous limb and spawning a limb gib a bad way of doing it? Of course you could create a new pawn class (for UE3 that is) that has "detached" limbs which could then be "destroyed" properly. Not that impossible when you think about it. Just map a hit cylinder to each limb/some such and then determine whether the hit tores off the limb (and maybe nearby bodyparts), kills the player or just harms the limb.

    Creating ready maps for the next UT is not that straightforward. You can prototype a mod quite well, but depending on how different the next engine will be (will there be CSG anymore, for instance) you most probably cannot just "transfer" the thing over. You could create new meshes and use them to create a new level, and then you could just export and import the level to the new engine (like some have done with UT -> UT2 -> UT3). But yet again, we do not know what the new engine needs to make levels work. Feel free to create UT4-ready levels, but do not get disappointed when they will not get in the game on an 'as-is' basis. Get ready to do lots of new work to create playable levels.

    (And "lol" at those complaining UT3 specific problems in this thread.)


      lol indeed. And I could have sworn that this thread used to be in the maps and mods section, not the requests