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Crazy idea for vctf map!!!

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    Crazy idea for vctf map!!!

    ***I want to make this myself, no idea stealing, just tell me if it is crazy enough to work ***

    I have been thinking it over for a bit and I want to know if anyone would be interested in playing it:


    The game starts as some normal vctf map, everyone plays around and is all happy until someone scores, at which point the flags disappear and everyone must race to something like a big-*** spaceship, get in, then the flags appear in the ship as it flys away and the match continues in the ship and so on, so after each point is scored, the battle moves to a different VCTF map (like maybe the ship crashes into a city or something), all contained in one level

    My fingers hurt

    Anyways, WHAT DO YOU THINK?!

    The polls are pretty biased. Sounds like the map could have some problems, what happens if someone gets killed during take off? Do they get stuck below and have to kill themselves?

    You'd need moving path nodes and playerstarts and flag bases etc etc? Unless you intend to stream levels that is?

    Still, its an awesome idea!


      The ship wouldn't actually move, there would be a prop ship there (in the first map) that teleports ppl to the real one (in a space setting), where they just look around in their new bases, then after maybe a minute, it cuts to a scene of the dummy ship taking off and cuts back to the real one and the second map 'begins'.


        AS-Convoy uses a similar concept. The battle first takes place on one vehicle until the first objective is captured, then the battle moves inside the next vehicle. The solution they used is quite elegant. A few seconds after the first objective is completed, it announces that a bomb is going off, or an airstrike is coming in, or something, and after a countdown anyone left in the first area is incinerated and respawns in the second area. You would have to do something like this so no one can be left behind and you don't have to wait for anyone.

        It sounds like a cool idea though. Good luck. And a poll is completely unnecessary. I didn't vote.


          Good luck making one map for the price of several, too.


            Sometimes I think that I'm a bit too ambitious about this, but then again it would be freaking awesome.