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[Idea] Metal Gear Rex Vehicle Mod

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    [Idea] Metal Gear Rex Vehicle Mod

    I'm not a Modder so I'm just throwing the idea out there. If there are any experienced Modders out there, or any Modders who are up for a challenge, would you be willing to make this Mod?

    I'm thinking it could either be a Vehicle Replacement for the Leviathan, or an entirely new vehicle. The reason I say the Leviathan is cause of Rex's Rail Gun, the Leviathan's Main Cannon is pretty similar. Rex's Primary Weapon could be a Minigun based off the MG mounted on the Goliath, while the Secondary Weapon would be the Rail Gun. I can't describe how Rex would move, but anyone whose played MGS4 will know. Also Rex is not very tall. He's maybe 1/2 or 2/3 the size of a standing Darkwalker. Just thought I'd make that point.

    If anyone' willing to make this Mod I only ask that you do it legally, eg. don't rip it from MGS, and PLEASE Cook it for PS3. You just have to find the right sounds in the game for it, like the sound of a Darkwalker for when it walks. But PLEASE Cook it for PS3 Version 2.0.

    I attempted this like 5 years ago when I was pure noob. The one thing I learned is that unreal didn't have any sort of bipedal vehicle code to extend. This means you have to have a HUGE knowledge of the very complex vehicle code in order to make it look right. As a work around I tried making it derive from a hover tank and it ended up looking like it was a rampaging macys day parade blimp.

    Here's screens from the model. This was my first maya model and unreal "mod" ever.


      Nice. So I guess an experienced Modder will be needed to make a fully functioning Rex huh? Although that looks pretty good, what I'm lookin for is an MGS4-Style Rex. But of course with the Rail Gun. I don't have an Image to show, but if you google "Metal Gear Rex" you'll find a photo of his MGS4 version with higher detail.

      I'm glad I'm not the only one who'd like have Rex in Unreal Tournament though.

      Just tryin to keep this Thread alive. I'm not gonna give up on this yet.
      Is there anyone out there who can possiblely make this Mod?