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    Map request

    Hi i have been surfing the Net for an real simple map.
    but i could not find it D=
    so i am requesting it now =]

    it just needs a couple of points:
    -it has to be a box
    -no walls just the box
    -an warfare map
    -does not matter how many nodes in the middle[between the 2 cores]
    -And lots of Vehicles[no flyers]

    Anyone willing to do it?[should only take 1-2 hours for someone who knows how to]


    Why don't you make it? That might take like 10 minutes, or 20 if you need to learn the editor


      I did try, been busy for 2 hours but still not good D=
      i just had an box, player spawner, weapon spawner and that was it =S
      i did have the cores and one node but how can i Connect them[or something]
      of someone can tell me that then thanks


        To connect them, after saving your map as "war-box" or whatever, you go to View - World Info, and click the blue arrow next to MyMapInfo, then select UTOnslaughtMapInfo.

        Under the new option of the same name you click Link Setups, then [0], then click the little green box next to NodeLinks, until you have [0] [1] [2]. highlight a core in the map, and click the green arrow to put it into the first FromNode, and put the node you want it attached to on the ToNode in [0]. Under [1] you do the same with the ToNode from [0] as the FromNode, and hook that one up to the next node, then do the same thing but put a core as the ToNode in [2].

        Whew....if you want to put vehicles in you'll need to go to the Actor Classes tab under the generic browser (blue grid button at the top) and you'll find vehicles under Navigation point > UTVehicleFactory. The owner of the node they're closest to will have access of them.

        Let me know if you have any other questions


          If you don't understand something in Distant Land's explanation (good work, by the way), see this tutorial on youtube. I always prefer video tutorials, I lost years on written tutorials trying to figure them out, but video ones always helped me a lot.