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Anyone up for a Character mod?

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    Anyone up for a Character mod?

    I had this concept image jammed in my notebook, and left on my HDD for a while, and I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing a UT3 character mod for it.
    Here are some scans: (But first read below)
    -The image that has the guy in the pose: His helmet is Nano suit, and the parts that are not armored are parts of a nano suit.
    -The drawing of the back belongs to the posed figure, and the Soviet armor.
    -The armor that looks like it's from Fallout, and has the strange looking helmet is not completely done yet, I am working on the images for the back, and side.
    -2 images are complete, except the one I talked about, that is to see if anyone is at least interested in doing it.

    Let me know if your interested, I can get you more images and REFs if you'd like.