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UT2004's TweakTool mutator for UT3?

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    UT2004's TweakTool mutator for UT3?

    I've been looking everywhere but unable to find such mutator for UT3 or anything that does the same thing for UT3, so I decided to post this request.

    For those who are not familiar with TweakTool mutator in UT2004, its a mutator where you can configure the detailed characteristic of each individual weapon in the game, such as the firing speed, number of ammo, projectile speed, damage value, damage radius, etc etc. It also allows to customize the characteristic of each vehicle, its health, speed, firing rate, etc etc.

    In addition to that, one can also customize the player's health, maximum health, shield, etc

    You can see the extensive tweaking options here

    Hopefully some modders might find this interesting too and come up with similar mutator for UT3. I think it'd be a great tool