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Recruiting passionate modders for survival horror mod

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    Recruiting passionate modders for survival horror mod

    I am in need of different people to help put a mod together. The general idea of the mod is to make one kick *** survival game inspired by many of the top games of the genre. Think Doom, Resident evil, Dead Space, and Left 4 dead. It has been in my head for a while to try this out but I had one major dilemma. I was a complete novice. I had few experience in any major positions. So I decided to start a mod with relative beginners because I'm sure there are plenty more with that same problem i just described. If you want to get into modding but don't know where to start, or don't want to hold a team of highly skilled modders back then join here and give it a go. Anybody is welcome.

    So the idea of the mod is that a platoon designated to controlling a specific facility on the icy planet of ?????????, slowly loses control of the situation and have to scramble to regain a foothold. In the confusion they all get separated and have to attempt and communicate with each other and regroup despite the countless enemies constantly pressuring them.

    That was the general concept. Obviously we would go into much more detail with individual missions, objectives, and facilities. In order to bring this mod to life several different roles will need to be filled. it is imperative that we get 2-d artists to help visualize the game as well as modelers to bring the idea to life in a 3-D environment. Among this we will need programmers, scripters, skinners, and the all important project leader. below is a more in depth look at each of the available roles.

    2-D Artists

    Concept Artists
    ~Must have basic drawing skills.
    ~Must be able to draw decently using a graphics tablet.
    ~Post one example of your work!
    ~Full conversion mods need at least 3 preferably four concept artists.

    Environmental Artists
    ~All skills of concept artists
    ~Show picture of one environment you have drawn. Preferably of a snow or high tech interior environment as seen in quake or doom.
    ~Need one, maybe two if possible

    3-D Artists

    ~Need to be able to make rather detailed models.
    ~No animation skills required.
    ~One example of artwork is recommended.
    ~Need 3 decent modelers with at least 1 1/2 years of amateur experience. List programs that you use.

    ~Have skill in animating models.
    ~Would like to have at least two animators with intermediate experience.

    ~Good at making AND texturing weapons, characters, enemies, and vehicles.
    ~Would like at least two preferably three with high modeling experience.


    ~Knowledgeable with programming games and mods.
    ~At least three with heavy experience programming mods.

    Project Leader
    ~Natural born leader.
    ~Needs to have taken part in at least one mod and a link to the mod.

    Audio Experts
    ~Knowledge of audio production.
    ~Able to produce high quality sound effects for use in the mod.
    ~Two needed, One may suffice if necessary though.

    Game Designers
    ~Somebody who has ideas swarming inside their head.
    ~Very creative.
    ~Need one more person to fill this role.

    I hope to take the role of a game designer seeing as I have no previous experience with other mods and I do feel as though I fill the role quite nicely. Anyway if you would like to tackle this project either post in this thread or PM me.

    If i wasn't already working on a mod, but keep a spot for me, right now i'm working on halo conquest which is my first ever mod, but it still has a ways to go


      I will save you a spot if possible, but what type of spot would you like me to save.