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ISO: Creative Gameplay Designer/Writer/Visonary for Existing UT3 Project

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    ISO: Creative Gameplay Designer/Writer/Visonary for Existing UT3 Project

    I'll be updating this post with our actual full recruitment post later, but for now, I'm currently in search of some designers (any number) just to chat with for awhile. We're looking to make some massive changes to our current gameplay concept, but I can't quite figure out how I want to do it, thus I need some designers to come in and help me out with it. Have some idea you really want to see in a game, but don't have the skills or time necessary? This is your chance. This is not a full time position, and could be just 5 minutes of your time on MSN. However, if I like what I see, I could use another designer/writer on board our actual team, it may turn into one.

    Project name:

    Brief description:
    "Divine" is a UT3 Total Conversion Mod. We currently have the story idea written out, but as I said above, I'm looking to change the actual gameplay concept a bit.

    Target aim:

    No dice.

    UT3 Editor.

    Talent needed:
    Designers/Writer/Visionary/Creative genius - Someone who has a cool idea and wants to see it in a game.

    Team structure:
    We are currently made up of:
    3 3D Artists
    2 Concept Artists
    1 Level Designer
    1 Writer/Designer


    I really only prefer to be contacted on MSN since this job requires a good deal of talking.

    My MSN contact is:

    Previous Work by Team:
    Some of our artists have worked on a few games and mods, but I don't have links handy. We have some very skilled 3D artists though, just take my word for it.

    Additional Info:
    I'm not really looking to just take your ideas and run, so nobody think "Oh he's just here to steal peoples ideas!" I'm looking for ways to fit my preferences and story into a new original game concept, and typically through talking with someone, I can figure out a way to accomplish this.


    I have sent you an email at that MSN account.