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Request: bot settings / bot control

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    Request: bot settings / bot control

    We really need a mutator/mod for bot adjustment, the current skill settings is amazingly lacking and many steps backwards from the original UT AI and 2003/2004 AI settings and customizations.

    Now we realize that Epic has done something magnificent with the self-adjusting / self-learning AI built into UT3 however we really need to restore the ability to adjust individual bot settings, we know this is highly possibly because they already have slightly varied play-styles and personalities, for example Bishop tends to snipe and be an accurate sharp shooter.

    The bots are much much too jumpy on higher settings, we play on a lan with the following specs;
    • dedicated (win)
    • patch 2.1
    • difficulty=7
    • instagib

    So we play 5 vs. 5 LAN and on maps such as CTF-Coret and CTF-Citadel the bots do fairly decent but on open buts such as the newly released CTF-ThornsClassic & a remake of CTF-AndAction! (that i've made and will release soon, after final testing) the bots tend to camp on the flag and bounce, they behave nothing like a real player would, (whereas they do in many other aspects) and i think this fact can be changed with some tweaking.

    In the first UT you could adjust the individual bots accuracy, we desperately need this feature back! especially if you consider the IG community which helped catapult the game popularity by leaps and bounds in the former versions of UT; the spawn killing is tolerable at best.

    Former available settings;
    Per Bot Settings:
    • Accuracy
    • Jumpiness
    • Camping
    • Aggressiveness
    • Favorite weapon

    As i say maybe Epic will include these settings in a patch, hopefully they will take notice of this, obviously its in there own best interest to keep a following for future releases as well as everything current, if i recall correctly Bot customizations were not included with the retail version of 2004, but were possible after patch updates.

    One of the things i like the most about Epic is that they listen! - Perhaps Epic can help us on this in a future patch, as far as developers i say Epic is the best bar none, they have had external pressure from publishers that doesn't mean the main players and powers that be aren't the same Epic we've always known.

    Please limit non-constructive comments, if you do not like bots or do lans vs. Bots on godmode like we still do; all i can offer is that its the closest thing to a tourney left like the old days when UT1 was extremely popular and the gaming leagues were hugely populated, prior to the PUGS and password protected servers.