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    Originally posted by Zerglings View Post
    NightFlarer is working on Home simpson.
    Actually I finished him ages ago lol, I just uploaded it a few hours ago. I am working on something else so I won't be taking requests for awhile.


      Can I leave these for next time?

      Originating from UC2, arguably some of the best player models through all of Unreal.


      Arclite: (Ut3 could use some Juggernauts...)

      Torgr: (and some Skaarj)

      Gorge: (Leader of the Juggernaut team, Axon supersoldier currently serving in the Allerian ice mines penal colony. They let him out every now and then to vent his aggression on the Tournamanet...)

      Raptor: (Liandri mining bot reprogrammed for Tournament competition. UC2 had some of the best bot designs yet.)

      Selket: (...of course. Anubis' power-hungry b**ch of an ex...)


        Yeah sure, I think people can still throw their ideas down, and if I have time on my hands I might choose something to work on.


          I'd like to see Chris Redfield from RE5 if you think you can make it that would be great, but a direct port from the PC version of RE5 would probably be easier.


            Are you still taking requests? If so, could you make some of these characters:


            Doom Marine


              Originally posted by nightFlarer View Post
              Are they from Killzone 2? They look familiar. Man I have get a PS3 just to play that game lol.

              I'll see what others people want still, before I make up my mind.
              Helghast please! They're like my favorite enemies of all time! They're just so shootable lol and they look completely awesome.


                You know epic could have made more for Krall armor and etc or female model for that matter but insteaded they add more content to the other faction.


                (Big Krall fan and Skaarj)


                  Vector (UT99 Version) - Roughly the same as War Machine but a diffrent head and recoloured

                  NS-5 - The new robots from the movie I, Robot

                  NS-4 - The old robots from the movie I, Robot


                    pls make killzone 2 charachter


                      Could you please do Link, from the legend of zelda? its one of my favorite games, and id like to play as him in UT3


                        Originally posted by nightFlarer View Post
                        Ok I'm accepting requests for character models. Why? Because I need the practice, experience and something for my portfolio, also majority rules because I need the motivation or I might stop lol

                        Requests have to be humanoid type, so 2 arms and 2 legs, no more no less, this makes rigging easier. They can be anything as long as it meets those requirements.

                        It'll be nice to throw in a reference picture so I don't have to go into google and stuff lol.

                        This is a rare opportunity 'cause modelers don't usually do stuff for other people for free ha.
                        Two pages here already for people who would want Chuck Norris


                          Could someone make Juno and Vela from Jet Force Gemini and maybe some reincarnation of Lupus using the Krall Skeleton and the Ant Drones using the Liandri skeleton. Oh and maybe a tribal.


                            I think an Abbey model from UT99 would be good


                              How about these aliens from District 9 (Prawns).


                                Already being worked on.

                                Originally posted by Zerglings View Post
                                How about these aliens from District 9 (Prawns).

                                Ding fries are Ding fries done Ding fries done "I'm" on da run ! Zooooom!

                                Oh and nightFlarer is also now a team member on Jade Phoenix YAY!