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Helghast character pack and other char requests

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    Helghast character pack and other char requests

    Has anyone considered doing a helghast character pack. My vision of the unreal tournament since mods has been that it should be an all-star tournament between the best and the most badass of charcters from Games, movies, comics, whatever. I think it's cool seeing Master Chief battling the "Cole-train" just for Snake to come in and dust them both and immediately get his head blown off by Mr. Crow.

    The game needs helghast, Sev and Ricoh.

    The game needs Chimera and Nathan Hale.

    The game needs the Punisher.

    The game needs... well I am throwing too much at ya.
    I have absolutely no experience with anything like this so I have not tried. ( I still remember the disaster of a golf game that I tried to make using visual basic back in the day...shudder).

    If any of you mod pros out there are looking for a project......
    Oh and please cook for PS3. I am more console gamer than PC gamer, always have been, grew up on atari and coleco, nintendos, etc. and I'm just more comfortable on a console, so please, more PS3 cooking.

    Thanks very much to any and all who consider this. It will make you a modding god in my books. Cheers, Stromboli.

    No I agree that these would be perfect for UT3 as Chars we could play around with. What about a few of the fallowing as well:

    Drake from Uncharted

    Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

    Morgan Freeman/Vortigons/Crab Zombies (From HL2)

    Hybrids/GryJacks/Nathan Hale, and his team of special ops troops (From Resistance 2/Fall of Man)

    Stg. Johnson, Rookie, and his ODST team (Halo:ODST)

    Captian Price (COD:MW)

    Batman (The Darknight version please god that was a killer movie)

    For the kids:



    Poe/Tai Long/Viper/Maintis etc (From Kunfu Panda a great movie BTW)

    Captian Rex/Commander Cody (Star Wars the Clone Wars)